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Little Women season 1, episode 9 recap – progressing the plot cleanly

October 2, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Little Women (2022) season 1, episode 9 contains spoilers.

Although there was no palpable energy in this episode of Little woman, the intentions were clear. Moving the plot forward cleanly, each character’s motivations became clear as we headed into the final three episodes, allowing for an ultimately more exciting home stretch. With the stakes clear, it’s obvious that whatever unfolds from here will be inescapable.

Little woman summary of season 1, episode 9

At the beginning of Little woman season 1, episode 9, In-joo (played by Kim Goun) is tackled to the ground by guards, with Sang-a adamant that her employee is going to die, laughing at the missing “silly change”. “I guess I filmed a 70 billion won blockbuster,” she adds, saying she’s an artist. Fortunately, Do-il (played by Wi Ha-joon) arrives to break things up, though he soon ends up embroiled in Sang-a’s scheming.

Now with an idea that would allow her two opponents to die, Sang-a points a gun at Do-il, only to be delayed by Jae-sang’s call. Here, the lawyer shows that In-kyung (played by Nam Ji Hyun) is willing to trade the slush fund records for her sister’s life, an offer clearly too good to refuse. Following the phone conversation, Jae-sang explains that Shin Hyeon-min, the person who wrote the records, fell out of favor when she couldn’t give her life. This causes In-kyung to realize that those in Jeongran Society who receive the Blue Orchid are forced to die if they refuse to voluntarily choose death, though the lawyer cleverly dodges a question about it, congratulating instead. the reporter for her ability to make him nervous. . Nonetheless, Jae-sang is soon back to sufficient form, stating that the only reason In-kyung is alive is so she can’t harm him, phaseless by his threats.

After Jae-sang burns the slush fund records in front of an upset In-kyung, who has just learned that her job as a journalist was essentially just an experiment, we return to Singapore. There, Do-il kindly listens to In-joo, understanding her despair that Hwa-young is alive. The mood quickly changes, with the money launderer wanting to know where the money is, but he is quickly made aware, showing the outcast’s uncanny trust in his ally.

Later, In-kyung confronts Wan-gyu about his knowledge of Jeongran Company and he is told about the gift of orchids from his former bosses, as well as the promise he made to Gi-seon which sees him entrusting his life to this confidential group of people, in exchange for “full freedom” in as a journalist. Naturally, the middle child of the Oh family is annoyed, dismissing his own presumed need for a father due to the belief that he doesn’t need to belong to an organization like Jeongran Society. “You’ll soon find out how great and powerful we are,” Wan-gyu replies, temptingly informing his ex-employee that she could potentially get Ma-ri’s job when it becomes vacant or die a death. insignificant unless you live peacefully.

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As In-hye hatches a plan alongside Hyo-rin for the two to run away and travel the world, cutting off their mothers in the process, Jong-ho confesses his feelings for In-kyung. Wanting the reporter to put Jeongran Society behind her and study with him in the United States, he explains how he can’t see himself with anyone else, but is rebuffed in his romantic approach. Instead, In-kyung is adamant that her friend only feels something resembling kinship, admitting that she doesn’t feel the excitement needed to be in Jong-ho’s company. Still, there is hesitation when it is suggested that the middle child feels guilty for his family, although this is not yet an agreed-upon assumption.

Admitting to Hee-jae that she handed over the records, rendering her unable to bring down Jae-sang using the news, In-kyung now wants to join the war veteran in his attempt to kill the lawyer. Then, while she was thinking on her own, the journalist receives a text message telling her that she is on the right track, but that she is not asking the right questions.

The next day in Singapore, Do-il shows In-joo that the money has been placed in a paper company under his name and the couple will fly to Greece that day, splitting the money 60/40 During their stay. The outcast will then remain in the country alongside her sisters, enacting a plan that will see her living off the assets she now owns without losing any money. Meanwhile, Do-il makes contact with In-joo at the climax of their deal, knowing it will protect his partner from Sang-a.

While eating with her mother, Hyo-rin acts out, sharing the news that she’s playing the role of a serial killer in a play, subtly hoping it might help her recover some information. However, this is all fairly fruitless, even though Sang-a’s gift-bearing return confirms to the youngster that everything about her has always been fake.

Later, Sang-a orders Jae-sang to kill In-kyung, embarrassed by the humiliation she suffered at the reporter’s hands. The lawyer says he has a plan, which leads to the delivery of a verbal note to Su-im to ensure the same-day death of the Oh family’s middle child.

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At the airport, In-joo learns of his sister’s sudden disappearance from Jong-ho, who worries about the mess he may see in Hye-suk’s house, where the reporter was supposed to be. As such, the outcast returns directly to Korea, confident that Do-il will give her share of the 70 billion won to her sisters should she die.

After breaking down upon learning of In-hye’s sudden absence, Hyo-rin is in a hurry to get information on why her friend left for Japan. Here, Sang-a learns that the budding artist has received his daughter’s bankbooks so she can see all the paintings she would like, but will be back in a few days, so no need to worry. .

However, the reality is completely different. In-hye is moved to a room she is told to run away from, greeted in time by a strangely cheerful Sang-a. Admitting to lying to her child, the wealthy woman is giddy over this act of kidnapping until it becomes clear that the youngest of the Oh sisters is more than aware of her fate in this “closed room”. Thus, Sang-a becomes serious, speechless upon hearing that In-hye wonders if she is going to hang herself in the closet, though odd when describing her own mother’s capture.

As it is established that In-kyung went to a mental hospital under the name In-joo and then escaped, we see that the reporter is on a quest to investigate the lands of Il- bok and why he had it, thanks to an email from no one other than Won Sang-woo. Believing this to be his last chance to take down Jae-sang, In-kyung began looking around the facility inside a dark and dirty vent.

As In-joo tries to justify Jong-ho’s worries about In-kyung being captured, the reporter goes to Sang-woo’s room. Once released from the vent, she talks to Gi-seon’s son, asking him why he is locked up in a mental hospital when he is the key to the Bobae Savings Bank case, which gets the answer which shows that the The general’s child has been kept isolated for trying to expose the bank’s deliberate bankruptcy.

Continuing, Sang-woo explains that permits are “at the heart of every business venture,” noting that In-kyung should keep tabs on which projects Jae-sang approves if he becomes mayor, as well as who will own the land concerned. in them. Repeating that the real question is what happened to the lands belonging to Il-bok and what will become of them in the future, the general’s son seems desperate to guide the reporter to the right path.

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Nonetheless, In-kyung is concerned about trying to get Sang-woo to testify, a bold request initially rebuffed but soon enticing enough to be considered once it’s confirmed the reporter is here to get the guy out. “crazy” before any testimony. Simultaneously, In-joo prevents Su-im from capturing her sister by setting off the fire alarm, a hasty act that draws attention to the outcast.

On the roof, Jong-ho leaves Su-im alone with In-joo, who seeks violent revenge against Jae-sang’s employee. Luckily, this validating distraction tactic also works, allowing Sang-woo to escape, even if it means both protagonists are locked up for their actions.

As Hee-jae picks up the escapees from the hospital, his employee, Do-il, picks up both In-joo and Jong-ho. With everyone now safe, they gather in a remote location, presumably in an effort to come up with a plan strong enough to counter their situation.

After Jong-ho kisses In-kyung, asking for nothing more than peace, Hee-jae lays out his plan to kill Jae-sang at a rally in three days. Do-he insists it’s the only way for the group to live a normal life, much like her father, who unflinchingly ticks off a resilient In-kyung when she pitches her idea to have Sang- woo the truth behind the elite lawyer, and the Bobae Savings Bank case.

Then the focus turns to In-hye, her siblings worrying about the youngster. Elsewhere, Su-im gets bashed by Jae-sang, the future mayor clearly exasperated by how carelessly she let Sang-woo get away. Afterwards, the lawyer answers a call from the general’s son and is told to prepare some money and ID, as his brother-in-law does not wish to join In-kyung’s group. “I will go far. I want to live a quiet life,” Sang-woo adds, pleasing a cheerfully obliging Jae-sang.

The end

Alone, a tearful Jae-sang goes to meet Sang-woo at a food stand (which contains an emotional story for the two) with the promise of soju. However, this is all just a ruse to isolate the lawyer, and the episode ends with a gun pointed directly at the face of Seoul’s potential new mayor.

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