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Little Women season 1, episode 11 recap – a busy episode

October 9, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Little Women season 1, episode 11 contains spoilers.

With lots to eat, the penultimate episode of Little woman is definitely one that packs in the excitement. With plenty of unexpected twists and a truly shocking cliffhanger, everything is set for a phenomenal series ending tomorrow. If it keeps its promises, it will undoubtedly be one of the best K-Dramas of the year.

Little woman summary of season 1, episode 11

After seeing Jae-sang kill himself after receiving his wife’s call to action (a blue orchid), we see Sang-a receiving a package from In-hye. Inside is the painting she had previously requested, a work of art that brings the manipulative widow to unfiltered tears. Then we flash back to see the future mayor leap from the abandoned building, leaving Sang-a behind, seemingly safe.

Reminding Su-im that she is her father’s daughter, Sang-a is quick to point out that she is also now the general’s sole heir, before the conversation turns to Jae-sang’s death. . “He gave up on climbing to the top to save everyone,” the stone-faced assistant says, explaining her feelings at the lawyer’s death. This paves the way for Su-im to receive “wings”, meaning she has the agency to eventually kill In-joo and In-kyung once they’ve been suitably toyed with.

Afterwards, In-joo is arrested, unable to effectively rely on In-kyung (who herself is shocked upon learning of the situation, as well as Do-il’s alleged taking of the 70 billion won) for help. ‘assistance. Elsewhere, Do-il finds himself being chased by a car, resulting in a collision that harms him and his mother.

Later, In-joo tells her sister that she has no idea what’s going on, confused that she could still take the 70 billion won drop despite being out of her mind. possession. However, the mood changes when In-kyung brings news of Do-il’s car accident, giving the outcast hope that she hasn’t been betrayed. So much so, In-joo glosses over Sang-a’s potentially firm retaliation in favor of whether his ally survived the aforementioned collision.

After watching Sang-a’s near-empty expression at Jae-sang’s funeral, we see parts of the entire show watching the biased media coverage of In-joo’s arrest. Featuring interviews with former colleagues who claim the prisoner appeared to be plotting with Hwa-young, the outcast is dismissed in a ‘heartless’ manner, fixing on her apparent obsession with money and the benefit she received from the death. of her friend. Yet despite the suspicions raised by the report that In-joo was involved in Hwa-young’s death, Su-im is unhappy and wants more. Still, Ma-ri claims that this is just the beginning and when the outcast’s trial is over, she will be seen as the ‘devil incarnate’.

At this point, Sang-a says the story she wants to tell is one that shows Jae-sang’s death was planned, with In-kyung and In-joo behind it. “They used my brother to set their trap because they were after our money,” she continues, ready to offer Ma-ri a promotion to news anchor in exchange for spreading this false story. Elsewhere, In-joo is told by a public defender that she will be sentenced to at least 20 years in prison for embezzlement. Unable to plead her case, the outcast seems utterly lost, encouraged only to admit her crimes and attempt to obtain a reduced sentence.

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In court, In-joo finds herself confessing to her misdeeds (from bank withdrawals to contract signings), cut off whenever she attempts to offer full context. Bad things soon get worse too, as the outcast is told that Do-il will be testifying on the prosecution’s side at the upcoming trial. Outside, there is a media frenzy, while elsewhere In-kyung informs Jong-ho that she met Hwa-young at a meeting of Bobae Savings Bank victims. There, we are told that the deceased woman called her an “evil” 200 million won, suggesting that she may not have pursued the 70 billion she stole.

Interestingly, Hwa-young was the person who introduced In-kyung to Cheol-seong and, in the words of a survivor of the Bobae Savings Bank controversy, was motivated by revenge. When In-joo learns of this, she claims to have been the one who arranged the first meeting between her journalist brother and his former colleague, as it was triggered by a glowing recommendation about the journalist’s sense of justice. All of this deflates the outcast, however, as she realizes she’s been drawn into the plots of two people, ending up in jail “like I’m a money-hungry centipede controlled by 70 billion won.” So, In-joo swears to do what she can to fight back, wanting Sang-a to also be put behind bars for Hwa-young’s alleged murder, ready to use the strange “closed room” as a point of view. departure.

As In-kyung manages to find the fur coat Hwa-young was wearing, despite the reluctance of the dead woman’s father, Ma-ri comes to the news with the full footage of Sang-woo’s death (plus some facts biased about the CEO’s life), using it to tell a story that Jae-sang acted in self-defense by killing his in-laws. Also, the sleazy reporter throws In-kyung under the bus, explaining that Hwa-young paid the middle child of the Oh family to report on the Bobae Savings Bank case. Elsewhere, Sang-a is visited by Sa-pyeong, who is in charge of managing the Park Jae-sang Foundation (the most important project of the Jeongran company, which focuses on scholarships for children). Abruptly, another request is given when Sang-a wonders how long she will have to suffer as the general’s daughter, this one being that Sa-pyeong “take care” of In-kyung, due to her experience past torture.

After an initially worried Sa-pyeong has his blue orchid moved higher in the Father Tree, In-kyung confronts Ma-ri about her lies. What follows is a discussion of admiration, dislike, and class status (it is confirmed here that Ma-ri received a scholarship from Wonryeong School and was previously poor), resulting in the child from the middle of the family Oh being told she’s greedy for money because she didn’t. The report of the 70 billion won embezzled from In-joo before the two establish that they have their own completely different versions of the truth behind the hefty sum. Then, suddenly, In-kyung is thrown into a van. Elsewhere, Jong-ho, fur coat in hand, wonders where her close friend might be when she is unable to reach her.

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When Sang-a visits In-joo, the outcast ends up being heavily taunted. At first it was by lip gloss, then by In-kyung’s notes on Jeongran Society. Smugly praising the instincts of the middle child, Sang-a vocally asks if the reporter knew “she would die by my hands.” Then, when vaguely threatened, the general’s heiress enumerates why she thinks In-joo’s entire family deserves to die, prompting the outcast to swing his chair hysterically against the plexiglass screen, blocking her as well as his enemy. While shouting, In-joo is restrained, leaving Sang-a to calmly add another comment about how his former employee overlooked the pain the 70 billion won would bring. “You will continue to hear bad news while you are in jail,” she adds, wanting her adversary to stay alive through 20 years of torment to emotionally repay the heavy sum.

Following In-joo’s excruciating isolated depression and Jong-ho’s unsuccessful visit to the police station, we moved on to In-kyung. Tied up by Sa-pyeong, the reporter listens to the CIA-trained elder talk about the thoughts that crossed his mind when he couldn’t see the blue orchid on Gardening TV, and how he can’t tolerate insults to the general. For now, however, we don’t see what appears to be In-kyung’s impending torture.

In court, Do-il begins his testimony, explaining his role in the Wonryeong Group. Lying about In-joo’s role in the alleged embezzlement, the outcast is stunned, especially since his words could spell disaster for her. But there is a twist. When Do-il describes where In-joo’s paper company money went, the man testifying produces evidence of Sang-a’s slush fund under HS Holdings, where the missing 70 billion won went. been sent. As such, it is instead said that In-joo was targeted for her naivety and wanted to withdraw the large sum of money to return it. Embracing the potential punishment, Do-il confirms that what he says is true. Afterwards, In-joo’s own prospects look much brighter.

After a confused Sang-a returned home, unaware that she had received the 70 billion won and frustrated with Su-im’s suggestions, Do-il gave up the money for In-joo’s sake. , the outcast is encountered alone by her ally. Here the two try to talk about what happened, but run out of time (it’s still clear that Do-il tried to keep in touch with his ally through his physical disappearance, though), before the money laundering expert is arrested. Meanwhile, Ma-ri tries to assure Sang-a that everything will be fine, offering a donation-based solution to the 70 billion won controversy that would showcase the director’s “sincerity”.

Surprisingly, an unharmed In-kyung appears on HTN News, complete with footage (and the coveted fur coat) to speculate on Sang-a’s potential involvement with Hwa-young and the death of another accountant. The “Closed Room” project is then used to show the similarities in the three scenes discussed, leading the presenter to admit there is cause for concern amid a demand for definitive evidence. Surprisingly, Sa-pyeong is on hand to possibly seal the deal, contextualizing the rare blue orchids found in all three scenes (the two deaths and the art project) that he reveals to the audience are being kept alive in Sang-‘s house. has secretly.

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In a flashback, Sa-pyeong confesses to In-kyung that General Gi-seon only recruited low-ranking people, described as “grains of rice”, to “secretly infiltrate Korean society like ghosts ” in order to claim everything. However, he was different given that he was a teacher, setting up the revelation that the current school principal provided the Jeongran company with children from poor areas, people who “now lead this company in their respective fields. ”. Nonetheless, Sa-pyeong thinks it’s unforgivable that Jae-sang and Sang-a caused Sang-woo’s death, which is why he’s now happy to set the record straight on television as a “only remaining successor of the general’s spirit”. There’s one more thing, Sa-pyeong received Gi-seon’s memoirs and had the task of “correcting” the children placed “in the name of the Jeongran company.”

The end

Back at the studio, Sa-pyeong shares a photo of Sang-a’s orchid, along with a comment that if blue orchids were found at murder scenes, they must have come from there. As the presenter responds to this by calling for a police investigation, Sang-a is seen watching, frustrated. Later, In-kyung kisses Jong-ho outside the studio, happy with his vow to never lose her again.

Ignoring questions from the press, In-joo heads to her final trial, where it must be determined whether she was actively involved in embezzlement. In court, the outcast admits the two billion won she originally received seemed “brilliant”, detailing her inability to ignore it based on who she is. Confessing that she too initially wondered why she received it, In-joo expresses the fact that she soon realized that she saw it as “compensation for the poverty I had. lived all my life”. Believing that Hwa-young would have felt the same thrill and greed counting the money as she did, the outcast wants to be punished for her indulgence, knowing it was wrong.

When In-joo explains that she almost lost her life, almost lost people she loves, and lost people she loved because of this money, realizing that it didn’t make up for her poverty, a statement is made that the outcast values ​​his life over 70 billion won. However, when she pleads for punishment alongside those who created the laundered money, wanting her enemies brought to justice, In-joo faces one final twist. Hwa-young shows up out of the blue, much to the shock of everyone in the room. With an unreadable look at the woman once said to be the eyes of death, the episode ends.

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