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Like for Like – 7 series like Unsuspected to watch absolutely

August 25, 2022

This article is about 7 series like Unsuspected Netflix series that you must watch.

After being defrauded by a “playboy”, three women track him down in the hope of confronting him. However, he soon ends up dead; and as such there is soon an investigation into his murder. Our opinion on Unsuspected wasn’t great, only getting 1.5 stars. Below is a list of similar but hopefully much better shows.

Like for Like – 7 series like the Netflix series Unsuspected what you have to watch

Toy Boy (2019)

Contrary to Unsuspected, there is a real big mystery in this series! With fairly decent characters (who are hugely appealing), it’s likely to entertain you more than Unsuspected.

Elite (2018)

If there’s ever a recommendation for a show about murder, Elite should be on the list. It’s meandering, soapy, and nobody’s safe from getting busted (anyone still thinking about the end of Season 5?). Also, in the first season, literally anyone and everyone is a suspect.

The Afterparty (2022)

Again, a bit like Elite, anyone is suspect in the well-made American series. And by dint of turning each episode upside down by focusing on a new genre, it’s hard not to be glued to the show.

The woman in the house opposite the girl in the window (2022)

Although the title is a bit long, the series itself is excellent. With a bonkers story and a great cast (hello, Kristen Bell), I challenge you to correctly guess who the killer is.

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Kissing Game (2020)

If Brazilian dramas are your thing, then look no further than kissing game (Boca to Boca). It’s an unusual thriller (because it’s more about who caused a virus to appear than murder). But it’s exciting nonetheless, and well worth investing your time in.

The Mess You Leave Behind (2020)

Another Spanish thriller on the list. But God, what a big one. If someone says they predicted the outcome of the show in the first episode, I refuse to believe them. A fabulous cast, a delightfully dark script, and a full story at the end make this one of Netflix’s best shows.

High Seas (2019)

If you are looking for something so stupid and too campy, give High sea (High Seas) a watch. This might be what you want. It’s funny at times, and since it’s set on a boat (hence the title), it has a different feel than most of the other shows on this list.

Do you have any other recommendations for shows like Netflix’s Unsupicious? Let us know!

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