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Like For Like – 5 series like Les Imparfaits (2022) to watch absolutely

September 17, 2022

This article is about 5 series like Les Imperfaits (2022) that you must watch and contains no spoilers.

As reported by Deadline Hollywood, The imperfect follows “Three twenty-somethings, Abbi, Juan and Tilda, are transformed into monsters after undergoing experimental gene therapy. The trio later decide to hunt down the scientist responsible for their transformation, Dr. Alex Sarkov, and force him to turn them human again. They are joined by Dr. Sydney Burke, a scientist who assists them in their quest. It sounds good ? Well, here are five other shows you can enjoy.

Like For Like – 5 series like The Imperfect (2022) you have to watch

Fringe (2008)

It’s sci-fi with all kinds of weird and wonderful things throughout its five seasons. It really is one of the best sci-fi shows out there, and it would be a shame if you didn’t watch it. And like The imperfectit mixes science fiction, horror and comedy.

Riverdale (2017)

As The imperfect, its cast is largely made up of young adults. If you liked all the YA stories set in The Imperfects, watch Riverdale because it has a lot more. What if you thought The imperfect was crazy, wait till you see Riverdale.

Locke and Key (2020)

This show is much nicer and simpler than The imperfect and one of the other shows on this list. However, it’s heavy on fantasy, and with some well-written characters, it’s a decent show to watch if you’re done and enjoyed it. The Imperfects.

Destiny: The Winx Saga

While the second season has just been released, it has all the expected teenage drama you expect from a YA series. As The Imperfects, it features wild superpowers and dodgy adult characters.

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Misfits (2013)

The titles of the two shows are already quite similar. But that’s not the only reason you should watch Misfits. As the only British show on this list, it just has an added flavor that you don’t see in The Imperfects.

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Do you have any other recommendations for series like Les Imparfaits (2022)? Let us know!

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