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Light the Night review – a soapy drama of East Asian characters

November 27, 2021

This Light the Night Season 1 review is spoiler-free.

You can learn a lot about a show from its opening scene, but the one that features Light the night – some teens stumble over a body hidden under a tarp while hiking in a small forest – suggests a very different experience than the eight-part East Asian series ultimately delivers. But it is not because Light the night is more soapy than you think it is not good; that tone may be off-putting to some, but there’s a decent murder mystery here, albeit made somewhat ungainly by odd pacing, clichés, and dead-end subplots.

Light the night Essentially about two ladies who run a nightclub called Light, a Japanese-themed club in Taipei’s red light district catering to the surprisingly chaste whims of wealthy businessmen. Madame Rose (Ruby Lin) and her business partner Sue (Cheryl Yang) are close, but naturally their love life and pasts start to intertwine and cause problems in their relationship, and so on, and so on. .

The focus on the owners of an exclusive “club” reminds Sky Rojoalthough this comparison gives the wrong impression. Light the night isn’t as quick and deliberately provocative as this show. On the contrary, it can drag its feet a bit too much at times and there is a slightly melodramatic rather than frenetic tone.

The drama lives or dies about Rose and Sue’s central relationship, and their friendship provides a solid foundation, especially since it is tested in different ways. However, when the show turns to other personalities, it can feel like it’s missing the essentials a bit, and that makes you work for its reveals. For some people, the force of the mystery won’t be enough to justify the investment (the eight episodes are between 45 and 50 minutes long.)

There would be three parts of Light the nightthis eight-episode bundle being the first, although it’s interesting to see if an audience sticks around for the second and third. There are enough dramatic and mysterious characters here to lead a curious viewer to the conclusion, but whether or not they will return for a second serving is a whole other matter altogether.

You can stream Light the Night Season 1 exclusively on Netflix.

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