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King of Stonks season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

July 6, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series King of Stonks season 1, episode 6, “Panic,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Will Felix and Magnus get away with all the corruption? Will Sheila succeed in earning her riches by exposing them as frauds? All is revealed in the finale and the end for king of stones season.

king of stones recap of season 1, episode 6 – the ending explained

Episode 6 opens with Magnus declaring that he will never sell to Deutsche Bank, and Jutta Katz is furious. This isn’t the first time this has happened when they rejected a sale with them.

And then it goes to Felix – he’s appalled that Sheila is betting short against his company while sleeping with him. He’s upset and Sheila doesn’t have much to say, looking guilty. And so, Felix goes on a mission to make sure stocks don’t collapse. He confronts the reporter who is reporting on the company. He sends someone to threaten the reporter and his family — he tells him to focus on another story. It seems to work, and they even get his laptop.

Despite the setback, Sheila continues with her short-selling plans, expecting the stock to crash. She meets an investor to get the money she needs to help her on her mission.

And then, Felix receives an email from reporter Tom Wieland asking about the economic conspiracy surrounding the company and its ties to the Mafia and other criminal organizations. It seems the threat against him didn’t work.

Felix meets Sheila and admits defeat. She offers to show him the evidence before submitting it to the district attorney’s office. She tells him to be a key witness to reduce jail time, but Felix shows her a fake passport to leave the country. He asks her to join him, but she rejects the offer, stating that their relationship has always had a “shitty premise”.

But later that night, Felix gets a Plan B idea from a friend. The next day, Sheila goes to the district attorney’s office. However, Sheila learns that everyone had started shorting the business when the market opened. She herself must urgently sell short her shares. But then she realizes that something is wrong. She knows something is wrong because everyone now trusts her to sell short overnight, and she doesn’t know why. Sheila calls Tom to clarify what is going on. Tom denies knowing anything about the article, so she ends the conversation.

Sheila is still hesitant at this point, but her friend encourages her to give it a go. So she does; she sells her shares in the company short, essentially making her a multi-millionaire overnight. Meanwhile, Tom calls his editor and tells him to stop the article because it reeks of market manipulation. But it still turns off. Magnus sees the news, with the business collapsing. He calls Felix but is unable to get through, but then he sees a letter from Felix on his desk.

Felix Video calls Sheila and tells her he has no regrets. He sings to her, bringing nostalgic feelings from their manipulative relationship. And then Magnus brings up the coincidence of the “short sale” in the media a few hours before the revealing article. He accuses hedge fund manager Sheila and journalist Tom of orchestrating this market manipulation scheme. He reveals that they have known each other since college. Magnus asks the government to deal with the two individuals. Sheila sees what is happening and asks her friend to stop the short sale. She was fucked effectively.

And then, short selling is prohibited on the company due to “market manipulation”. Sheila and Tom are arrested. The media responds by apologizing for the misrepresentation of the allegations against the company. It’s another party for Magnus with his colleagues, euphoric at the office. Sheila has lost everything.

The end

It looks like Felix and Magnus escaped trouble at the end of Episode 6, but then there’s one final twist.

Felix meets Magnus for a chat; Magnus offers him a co-CEO, which is ironic. Félix does not want to be CEO, knowing that this will destabilize investors. However, he wants full executive power knowing he can’t do anything without him. He wants Magnus to be the face of the company, while he has veto power over every decision. They sign a document on this agreement.

But then their phones ring. In the news, it is revealed that a plane crashed with Deutsche Bank’s Jutta Katz – she died. Their new business partner is dead. And his successor is Alex Ericsson, their former lawyer. They are f****d, again. When you’re deep, trouble follows you everywhere.

Episode 6 brings a natural conclusion to the story, with one final twist to keep viewers entertained.

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