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Killer Sally Review – Was Sally McNeil Acting in Self Defense?

October 31, 2022

The Post Killer Sally Review – Was Sally McNeil Acting in Self Defense? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Netflix brings the true crime documentary series Killer Sally – it’s our official review that doesn’t spoil the ending.

On Valentine’s day, more than 25 years ago in 1995, Sally McNeil shot her husband, national bodybuilding champion, Ray McNeil. They both met in the Marines and bonded over their love for bodybuilding, and the two soon got married after just two months of dating. It’s the most dramatic event to happen in bodybuilding history, and in this powerful three-parter netflix docuseries, we investigate whether Sally’s shooting of her allegedly abusive husband, Ray, was premeditated or self-defense.

As the first episode opens, we’re introduced to Sally, who has a formidable physique, and is dressed in military gear, draped in bullets, now saying she’s a civilian. Followed by interviews with Sally Now, who comes off as flawed and human, and delves into her personal relationship with Ray, how they both got into bodybuilding, her wrestling career, and how their relationship went from bad to worse. . The entire series teaches a lot about Sally and Ray, their relationship, and their careers.

by Netflix Killer Sally is filled with home videos between the two, as well as interviews with friends and family, including Sally and Ray’s son, who also says he was abused by his steroid-abusing father. His friends describe him as a gentle giant but someone who had a short fuse, so you had to be careful how you approached him. All of the interviews seem to portray someone with issues and demons to deal with. We also receive briefings from lawyers and their defense strategies and opinions. Interviews take place at home, which is comfortable and clean. No stages or spaces specially designed for them; they seem very comfortable talking and honest, not scripted.

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You will learn a lot about bodybuilding and the politics behind it. Is it a sport, an art or even a competition? Well, to me it’s all three, and their bodies are an awesome art form of what the body can actually do. It’s interesting to learn how the fitness revolution has inspired women to get involved and organize their own events and how women can use this platform to be and feel strong and break stereotypes about what women should be doing. look like. It’s a really interesting side of the documentary because it really shows how much bodybuilding meant too much to their lives and to their relationship. The pressures of any sport can weigh people down and lead them to use performance-enhancing substances, which will affect your mental and physical well-being.

At the time of the shooting, Sally alleged that she was choked by Ray at the time and that it was self-defense; that she was a victim of his abuse for many years. As they both discuss steroid use and how Sally would buy the steroids for Ray, was steroid abuse one of the triggers causing Ray to have violent outbursts? It’s not as black and white as it looks – we also get to see the fierce, argumentative and violent side of Sally, who even suspended her from bodybuilding for over a year.

We see footage from the police cameras where they were holding Sally after the shooting, and this section is incredibly sad to see, but it’s also intriguing because Sally’s actions aren’t what I expected. Sally eventually faced second-degree murder charges for Ray’s death (I won’t spoil the outcome of the trial, but watch what happens), and you can decide if you’re okay with that outcome. or not. If Ray was a man with huge insecurities, threatened by his wife’s looks and successes, high on steroids, who took his anger and rage on Sally, does that mean he deserved to die? ? Was it self defense, as Sally was fighting for her life, or was Sally fed up with her abuse and saw only one way out and premeditated this shooting ? There’s no doubt that this relationship was toxic, and it’s a shame it ended in someone’s death. This series will make you think and question your morality and is definitely a talking point.

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The Post Killer Sally Review – Was Sally McNeil Acting in Self Defense? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.