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Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Rose” Recap

January 1, 2023

The Kaleidoscope Season 1 episode recap “Pink” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap episode “Pink” of Netflix’s Season 1 series Kaleidoscope, which contains major spoilers.

Please note that the episodes are in random order for each viewer of this series. Check out our correct episode order for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate our way of looking Kaleidoscopewe moved on to the episode titled “Pink.” The first six episodes I watched were “Yellow”, “Green”, “Orange”, “Purple”, “Blue”, and “Red.” In “Red,” we followed the team the morning after the heist, which was a mad dash to see who was still alive, what had happened, and what lay ahead.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Rose” Recap

The title card pops up letting us know it’s six months after the heist. We see Nazan breaking down each crew member and trying to navigate the who, what and how. We discover that roger is in prison for murder, arson and false identity. She wants to know how these people pulled off the heist of the century. Then we see Bob to visit Roger in prison. Bob can’t speak now and shares that he’s one of the heist guys. Bob says he wants fifty grand and takes it out. Well, Roger tells him that he will give him twenty thousand under one condition: he kills Leo.

We see Leo struggling right now as his Parkinson’s worsens. His phone explodes, and it’s Stan trying to call to get passports out of the country. Next, we see Bob in a bar with a group of guys he’s trying to get help finding the crew from. They’re quite reluctant, but he shares how much they’ve earned in the heist, and it piques the men’s interest.

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We’re moving to Foley Beach, where Stan and Judy try to get a grade, but things don’t go so well for both of them. Next, we see Leo doing exercises while Ava come in to check it out. Back to Bob, who heads for a guy he thinks will point him in the right direction. In the hotel room, Stan tries to calm Judy down, saying they should try a big job. He wants to live happily ever after, but she breaks down that it’s not as easy as he thinks. She takes the bracelet out of her bag and says to close it. Finally, she said, “Bob is the only person we don’t have to worry about anymore.”

Nazan’s boss tells her that she needs to shake things up for the triplets soon. On top of that, if she goes rogue again, she’ll clear out her desk. Back with Leo, Ava says they need to move to a new place, but he begins to get it. After she returns, she talks about a job they could do in Ohio and earn half a million dollars. While sitting there, Stan says the jeweler might have noticed the bracelet and he needs some help.

We see the FBI descend on Folley Beach, which Ava discovers. She arrives home to tell Leo that it’s time for them to pack up and leave as soon as possible. Nazan questions the man at the pawnshop, and he acts like a complete jerk towards her (he’s wearing a Federal Boob Inspector shirt). Bob and the crew have arrived at Ava and Leo’s house, and a shootout begins. As Ava gets the upper hand, Bob hits her over the head with the gun and knocks her out.

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Bob uses a recorder on his phone, and one of the funniest moments in television history occurs. After using the app once, an advertisement pops up and goes off before he can use it again. I was dying of laughter. Seriously hilarious written based on the fact that Bob is a cheapskate and wouldn’t spend a penny in a million years to unlock anything in an app.

As Bob searches the house for Ava’s weapons, he encounters Ava’s friend. He sits him down on the couch, puts a gun to Ava’s head, and tells Bob she’ll call Leo. Then Leo comes and says he has the money in the bag. Bob wants more, because he wants to know where Judy and Stan are. Then Leo tries to push Bob to the limit, and Bob says it’s either Judy and Stan or Ava and Grandma. Bob tells Leo to call him and set up a meeting.

The ending explained

Well, Leo called someone, I don’t think it was Stan, and set up the meeting with Bob. So Bob heads to South Carolina while everyone stays tied to home. Things go south very quickly for Bob as he goes to meet, but the FBI quickly intervenes and a shootout ensues after a big exchange Bob falls.

But back at Leo’s they break free, but Bob’s henchman wakes up and shoots Ava and her friend. Leo is finally able to break free and attack her. While this is happening, Judy sees Bob’s car, finds a bunch of money, puts it in a bag and looks at Stan, but seems to leave it there for good.

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Eventually Leo breaks down, calls Hannah, and admits a lot of things he did that he shouldn’t have done. On FaceTime, Hannah shows him her baby girl and mentions that she would like him to visit them. At the FBI office, Nazan’s boss tells him that the job is well done, but Nazan is unhappy because she feels they are being played.

The episode ends with the FBI agent passing out in the middle of the street after a man walks up and shakes his hand. At the office, the FBI chief mentions that work can swallow Toby you whole as he packs his boxes. Finally, we see Leo walking through a park, and as he walks under the bridge, a mysterious man follows him, and as the episode fades to pink, he pulls the trigger, and bang, it’s over.

My final point on the linear situation is that I think you have to watch it in the correct order. Otherwise, I feel like the ending doesn’t pay off either.

What did you think of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope season 1 episode “Pink”? Comments below.

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