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Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Red” Recap

January 1, 2023

The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Red” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap episode “Red” of Netflix’s Season 1 series Kaleidoscope, which contains major spoilers.

Please note that the episodes are in random order for each viewer of this series. Check out our correct episode order for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate our way of looking Kaleidoscopewe moved on to the episode titled “Red.” The first five episodes I watched were “Yellow”, “Green”, “Orange”, “Purple”, and “Blue.“In ‘Blue,’ we were five days before the heist, and things started falling apart and falling into place at the same time. Let’s dive into the next episode.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Red” Recap

It’s the day after the robbery. I don’t know how I feel about moving from five days before to the next morning, but here we go. We start with Leo on a boat, saying he wasn’t sure when it all went wrong. Visibly absent from the boat was Bobwhat we expected, honestly.

We head towards Leo underwater in the middle of the heist past one of the dead guards. Then, we see Leo leaving the scene with a bag in his hand and getting into his car. Judy rushes in and asks where are the bonds, but he says that was his job. She explains that someone told the FBI about the heist, which means they have a rat. Stan arrives and begins to interrogate Judy about where Bob and RJ are. Now let’s go to roger and Hannah together, trying to figure out what happened.

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FBI agents show up to ask questions about the heist. However, Hannah says nothing happened, and Roger comes over to say the same, forcing them to leave. Nazan and Toby leave and try to regroup on their next move. At the store, Stan and Judy tell them that no one is going until they get the bonds. They mention that no one will know it was them, but we find out that Stan dropped his glasses in the safe.

The related people call Roger to inquire about their connection, but he makes sure everything is fine. Then, together with the FBI, they finally put together the pieces that Roger and Leo had a story. After that, Roger figured out that Stan was the person who looked him in the eye, and now they had a lead. Now Judy asks Stan to question Leo about why he did the heist. Finally, Roger’s henchman finds Stan’s family and asks them where he is. He shoots and kills them both and takes his phone.

While the crew grills Leo, Ava arrives with the van, and it has been shot. She informs Judy that Bob is dead, and while this is happening Judy throws a box on the floor, it opens and there is a pile of plain paper under the bonds. Now everyone has a gun pointed at each other because no one trusts each other.

While this is happening, Roger’s men have shown up to take care of business. First they shoot Stan, followed by one of Roger’s men who grabs him and holds him hostage, telling them to drop the guns or else he kills him. He follows by asking where the links are, but of course neither of them knows where they are. However, he doesn’t believe them and says he will shoot Stan in the foot and move on until he dies. Finally, she explains where they are, and they pull up the bed, and Leo shoots and kills the two men.

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The ending explained

The four get out on the boat we saw at the start of the episode just in time as the FBI arrives at the garage where they all were. Back at Roger’s office, Hannah leaves the office suspiciously. Maybe she took the good ones? If that’s the twist, I didn’t see it coming.

Once she leaves, the FBI arrives with a warrant to search her entire premises. Nazan is shocked that everything in the vault is normal. She asks to enter his private vault, and he assures no one has gone inside, but they want to see him anyway. When they open the safe, water comes out, and although we can’t see what they’re seeing, she says can you tell us why it’s your fault, and he replies, “I would like to speak to my lawyer.” What is going on?!

The episode comes to an end, we see the crew of the boat sailing through the ocean. Holy cow, what an episode. Although it’s crazy to see the post heist before the heist, I liked it that way, to be honest.

What did you think of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope season 1 episode “Red”? Comments below.

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The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Red” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.