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Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Orange” Recap

January 2, 2023

The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Orange” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We’re recapping Netflix’s Kaleidoscope Season 1 episode “Orange,” which contains major spoilers.

Please note that the episodes are in random order for each viewer of this series. Check out our correct episode order for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate our way of looking Kaleidoscopewe moved on to the episode titled “Orange.” The first two episodes I watched were “Yellow” and “Green,” so the events i have witnessed so far have been the band reunion and the backstory of Leo (Giancarlo Esposito) getting out of prison and his relationship with Hannah (Tati Gabrielle).

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Orange” Recap

The episode starts with the title “Orange” on the screen, and it says we are three weeks before the robbery. Then we hear the FBI agent talk about how she’s been clean for three weeks, and the job starts trusting her again. Then she starts talking about how she gets her mojo back at work, with her instincts working like before. This leads to a moment where she guns down a criminal behind a door that no one is looking at. Finally, she talks about how things are starting to fall into place as she sees her daughter unsupervised and hopes this will lead to more.

We see an officer mention that they have a fingerprint from the recent heist, which was Ava’s. We see Nazan storm into her boss’s office and say she has to be a part of it. Now we see Ava and Leo talking about the jewelry, where she is about to sell it to get money for the heist. As she left to close the money, Bob follows her to the spot and causes an uproar during the negotiations. However, she closes the deal at $400,000.

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They come back with the money and Leo says that’s all they need to close the heist. Everyone should arrive on time and within budget, no questions asked. At home, we see Ava receiving a call from the FBI asking about the jewelry theft that has occurred. The chess match ensues between Ava and the agent, and just when they thought they had it, she informs them that two guns were stolen from her home, which could explain why her fingerprint was on the ball. Back at the place, Leo asks her about the whole thing, and she says they have to start being careful.

Now the team is starting to understand the building and how they are going to get out of it. From the water system to the power supply, it allows them to see the vault from the outside. FBI Chief Agent Recounts Nazan that she needs to focus on her job and stay away from Ava. Well, we knew that wasn’t going to happen because we see her exploring Ava’s house, and Bob comes in to say he wants a bigger cut because he doesn’t want to be cut. Ava, the cold-hearted woman that she is, talks to him about him and basically says they don’t need him. They need his girlfriend. Then we see Nazan get a text that she’s late for something and she’s speeding up, and Ava sees the car.

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At the agency, Ava freaks out a bit because her ex’s lawyer knows about all the mistakes she makes, including being late for a hearing. Afterwards, the agent with her sees the file on Ava and asks her to explain why she thinks she is part of the set. So she does just that, breaks it down to make him understand the why of it all.

The loose cannon that Bob calls Stan and Judy for how they boosted a car together. This leads to Bob punching Stan in the face and Judy freaking out. They go out together and Stan calls Judy to be with him and leaves. Moments later, we see Bob come out and share a paper with Judy. As the conversation continues, we assume he can’t open any safes with his right hand anymore and he’s worried because that’s all he knows how to do. Of course, Judy tries to talk him out of leaving the ledge. While all of this is going on, Ava’s agent friend does a little scouting and sees it all happen.

The ending explained

At the store, Leo gives Bob the good news that they have a replica of the safe, but the bad news is that the two must be running simultaneously. We see Ava taking a call saying she needs to meet someone, leading Nazan to know where she’s going. As she begins to follow her, we realize it was a big setup, which leads to a big, elaborate thing where she planted drugs on her and got pulled over by cops.

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As she’s freaking out about something, we see Nazan spot something after throwing her papers all over the floor, and it was Ava’s mother. Then, as she prepares to take her dogs out, the cops arrive to take Ava’s mother away. This all leads to Ava and Nazan meeting, with Nazan finally being able to have the upper hand. For this reason, Nazan gets what she wants by doing accepting Ava to be his inside person. The episode ends with Ava returning to the office and telling Leo that she wants to come back.

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The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Orange” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.