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Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue” Recap

January 1, 2023

The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Blue” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap episode “Blue” of Netflix’s Season 1 series Kaleidoscope, which contains major spoilers.

Please note that the episodes are in random order for each viewer of this series. Check out our correct episode order for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate through Kaleidoscopewe go to the episode titled “Blue.“The first four episodes I watched were “Yellow”, “Green”, “Orange”, and “Purple.” In “Violet”, we saw the backstory of Leo (Giancarlo Esposito) and Chez Roger (Rufus Sewell) relationship and why this heist is so significant.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue” Recap

It’s five days before the robbery. So now we see Leo breaking down the job and saying it will take seven jobs to complete this heist. If any of them fail, the job is done and the mission fails. It reviews each job and the challenges of each. Of course, as he walks the steps, we see Roger going through every move with someone.

In his office, Roger receives a text message from someone saying “congratulations on the big fish” from a number he doesn’t recognize. Then we have the crew getting together to have a good time while Leo does some reconnaissance work and activates facial recognition. Then each of the crew members starts talking about their plans after the heist. While Judy talks about his projects, Stan makes a sly remark to Bob, which completely destabilizes it. Bob mentions that by the time they get their hands on the bonds, they’ll take them all.

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A little later, Roger meets with the owners of the bonds, and they say they want to move them. Then Roger receives a call from a mysterious number with a voice changer saying that nothing of his is safe, including his safe. He panics and gets Hannah on the case. However, Roger receives another call that says they want 4.3 million. After that, he had eye problems, and Hannah gave him an eye exam. We see that it is Stan scanning his face. It was awesome.

Ava arrives to tell Leo that the backdoor is closed. She mentions that they need to shut it down. He says he can’t stand seeing Roger living his life with a family and children without any recourse. Then we see Roger confronting a former employee who was trying to hold him over for the money, and he says he has a chance, and that’s it. As he was about to leave, Andrew couldn’t resist pushing him further and said 4.3 million in three days or he would be making phone calls. As you can imagine, this leads to Roger’s right-hand man showing up and killing Andrew.

We head to a sauna, where Roger talks to Leo (he doesn’t know it’s him). As he is about to wrap a towel around his neck, Roger says something that triggers a thought in his head, so he wraps the towel around his head and leaves. He comes back to say that they are going to do the “hurricane” plan. We see a demonstration from Judy of what Leo is talking about. Leo says they will use the underground tunnels to blow things up to open the backdoor.

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The ending explained

This all leads to a montage of the team working to make things happen. This included Bob showing Stan how to make the second safe because his second hand wasn’t ready. Then FBI Agent Nazan find Toby to tell him that Ava let him know that the heist is happening tonight and that they have to organize to eliminate them. Finally, as the episode draws to a close, the bond owners call Roger to let him know that they know all about them. After the storm, they withdraw the bonds.

As the plays got closer, it was easily the worst episode of the season so far. I felt like they could have done a better job laying out the whole use of the hurricane to explain it a little better, and I also felt like some of the pieces were moving pretty quickly. Again, not a bad episode, but one that didn’t look up to par.

What did you think of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope season 1 episode “Blue”? Comments below.

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The Kaleidoscope season 1 episode recap “Blue” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.