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Jack Ryan Season 3: Where Was It Filmed?

January 24, 2023

Finally, Season 3 of the action-packed Prime Video series Jack Ryan has arrived. It’s been three years since viewers got a glimpse of the captivating world of the CIA analyst. With the dramatic return of the political thriller, fans can’t wait to find out more, from where it was filmed to what this new season might entail.

Exclusive to the Amazon streaming service, Jack Ryan is an American political thriller based on the best-selling novels by Tom Clancy. Season 1 introduced audiences to Dr. Jack Ryan as a shocking discovery took him away from his office job and into a whole series of explosive problems.

As Season 3 finally made its way to Prime, audiences salute Ryan again, this time as the CIA analyst faces betrayal allegations. Ryan (played by John Krasinski) must flee his own government, hiding until he can prove his innocence.

From Prague to Budapest, many scenes were filmed on location, with many European countries featuring alongside the main plot of Ryan on the Run. So where exactly was Jack Ryan season 3 filmed?

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John Krasinski (Jack Ryan), Wendell Pierce (James Greer) in Jack Ryan season 3Jack Ryan © Premium Video | Philip Antonello

Jack Ryan Season 3 Filming Locations

All filming locations for Jack Ryan season 3 are in Europe, with many scenes filmed there. Production started in May 2021.

Beginning in Rome, the start of the series features the main character working in the Italian capital. Rome plays a major role at the start of Season 3 as it’s where Jack Ryan discovers more than he bargains for and ends up running away from his former colleagues.

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It seems fans were beyond thrilled to see their favorite CIA analyst return to work in Italy.

The center of Prague also played an important role in the third series. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. One of the main sequences was shot downtown, making a beautiful and tense setting for the thriller.

Director Jann Turner took to Instagram to showcase a rainy day of filming for the Prime series:

Various parts of Greece feature in the second half of Season 3. Some Jack Ryan scenes were filmed in Greater Athens, as well as the charming Greek island of Santorini.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, also features in the series. A small island in the Danube called Margaret Island provides a significant setting for some scenes.

IMDb, meanwhile, reports that the Austrian capital, Vienna, also serves as the backdrop for some scenes in Season 3.

With such an impressive and expansive list of filming locations, it’s no wonder fans are thrilled to recognize the beautiful sets.

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John Krasinski (Jack Ryan) in Jack Ryan season 3Jack Ryan © Premium Video | Attila Szvacsek

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