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Is the list of terminals based on a true story?

July 5, 2022

Chris Pratt stars in the latest action-packed series on Amazon Prime Video, The Terminal List.

The series tells the story of Navy SEAL James Reece as he searches for answers after his entire platoon is killed under suspicious circumstances while on a secret mission.

Much of the series is designed to feel as authentic as possible, but is The Terminal List based on a true story or is the series simply a work of fiction?


The list of terminals | official trailer

BridTV10372The list of terminals | Official Trailer

The Terminal List – release date and plot preview

The list of terminals exploded on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 1, 2022.

Starring Chris Pratt, the series follows Lt. Commander James Reece after he returns home from a secret Navy SEALs mission that saw his entire platoon ambushed and killed.

Reece’s return home is greeted with conflicting memories of the events and lingering questions about his role in the failed mission.

However, as new evidence emerges, Reece learns that he is at the heart of a dark conspiracy and an unknown enemy is working against him, endangering not only his life but also that of his family and friends.

The list of terminalsAmazon Prime Video

Is the list of terminals based on a true story?

No, The Terminal List is not based on a true story.

Instead, the Prime Video series is based on a series of fictional novels by Jack Carr.

Published in 2018, The Terminal List is the first of five novels in the James Reece series, with subsequent entries in the franchise being True Believer, Savage Son, The Devil’s Hand and, most recently, In the Blood, which was only released. ‘in May. 2022.

However, while the story of James Reece and his quest for revenge may be a work of fiction, author Jack Carr was once a Navy SEAL himself, meaning he could use his own experiences to inspire the events and characters in his series of novels.

According to Jack Carr’s official website, the author served in the United States Navy for more than 20 years, starting as a sniper for the Navy SEALs before becoming a squad leader, platoon commander, troop commander, and commanding officer. of operational unit.

During his military career, Carr served in Iraq, Afghanistan and the southern Philippines before leaving in 2016, when he turned to writing and spent more time with his wife and children. at their home in Park City, Utah.

The Terminal List Chris Pratt as James ReeceAmazon Prime Video

The Terminal List Could Return For Season 2 And Beyond

As the Jack Carr series of novels contains five entries, there are plenty of possibilities for the Amazon series to run and work if it proves popular.

If Amazon were to adapt one novel per season, the series could in theory run for five seasons and potentially even longer if Jack Carr continues to write books in the franchise.

And, according to series creator Dave DiGilio and director Antoine Fuqua, that’s exactly the plan.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Fuqua revealed, “We definitely went in with that big picture of wanting to do this. So if we are blessed and [are] successful, Amazon will do it again.

DiGilio further explained, saying, “Yes, we have a roadmap for each season ahead of us. The only problem is this man [Carr] writes a book a year, and it takes us a lot longer to do a show.

The list of terminalsAmazon Prime Video

The Terminal List is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now after releasing on Friday, July 1, 2022.

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