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Is the last Blockbuster still open?

November 4, 2022

Netflix is ​​known for its adorable, well-timed comedies. The streaming service is back once again, this time with a silly new show called Blockbuster. But where is the latest Blockbuster and is it still open?

Before the era of streaming services, video rental stores could be found just about anywhere. Perhaps the most infamous of these stores, Blockbuster, has brought movies and TV shows into the homes of millions.

In a bitter twist of fate and increasing online media consumption, only one Blockbuster store remains to this day. Naturally, Netflix just had to make a series out of it.

Following the release of the series, fans are wondering if the latest Blockbuster is still open. And if so – where?

Randall Park as Timmy in Blockbuster Episode 101Blockbuster © Netflix | Ricardo Hubbs
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Is the last Blockbuster still open?

In simple terms, yes. The last remaining Blockbuster store is located in Bend, Oregon. As of 2019, it became the world’s last remaining blockbuster. This store is also the last remaining Blockbuster, far from the 9,000 that there once were.

Originally opened in 1992, the store was once the second location of Pacific Video – a small video rental chain in the United States. In 2000, owners Ken and Debbie Tisher converted the store to Blockbuster, as part of the franchise.

Since then, the store has remained open as Blockbuster for the past twenty-two years. During COVID-19, the store operated like an Airbnb, hosting slumber parties for customers.

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Amazingly, the result of the store’s fame is that it has now become a popular tourist destination. Even with its own product!

This photo taken on July 26, 2020 shows the interior of the last remaining Blockbuster store, in Bend, Oregon.
Photo by ANDREW MARSZAL/AFP via Getty Images
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Blockbuster: Plot Preview and Release Date

Blockbuster arrived on Netflix on Thursday, November 3, 2022. Naturally, like most Netflix series, the show will consist of 10 episodes. All episodes are available for viewers to binge right away.

The series follows Timmy Yoon (Randall Park), the manager of the last surviving Blockbuster store. Much to his dismay, he discovers that his store is the last and he must do everything in his power to keep it alive and thriving. With more than his job at stake, Timmy and his employees must work to stay relevant in the digital age.

Offering something mega-corporations can’t, true human connection, Timmy and the gang are determined to stay open.

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