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Is Netflix’s Luckiest Girl based on a true story?

October 8, 2022

The luckiest girl in the world follows Ani (a great Mila Kunis), a writer from New York who seems to have a perfect life. She has a job at a major magazine where her editor Lolo (Jennifer Beals), thinks she’s a rising star whose writing is “second to none” for the rest. Ani is also engaged to a bachelor, Luke (finn wittrock), who comes from a wealthy family and awaits him in a high-level position in finance in London, much to the delight of his mother (played by Connie Britton). She’s so image conscious that she won’t eat a slice of pizza in front of her fiancé unless he leaves the table. And then she blames the waiter for spilling a drink on them, causing the food to be thrown away.

However, many viewers will wonder if the Netflix movie Luckyest Girl Alive is based on a true story…

Is Netflix’s Luckiest Girl based on a true story?

The Netflix movie is based on the book of the same name. However, although it is mostly fiction, the story of Ani, the character of Mila Kunis, is inspired by events in the life of the author.

The author of The luckiest girl in the world is Jessica Kroll, and in 2016 she revealed that Ani’s depiction of rape was based on a rape she survived when she was 15. The truth about her ordeal wasn’t revealed until 2016, and before that she denied any similarity to her and Ani. . The traumatic events that shaped Jessica Knoll’s life and ultimately inspired her to write the book have been discussed in The Guardian:

Knoll was fainting and passing out at a party, when she was raped by 3 boys at the age of 15. She later recalled “waking up later in a bathroom, seeing a toilet bowl full of blood stained water and not understanding where it came from.” A doctor gave her the morning after pill but refused to call the ordeal a rape. Her classmates found out and called her “shit.” Such was the reaction against her, Knoll wrote in the essay “I apologized to my rapist for calling him a rapist. What a thing to live.

Knoll’s therapist, when she was 22, claimed she was raped, saying it needed to be referenced. With therapy to help her come to terms with the event, Knoll concluded she was “very, very angry”, adding “I was so conditioned not to talk about it that it didn’t even come to me. mind to be open. I want people to feel they can talk about it, that they don’t have to be ashamed of it.

Who is the author of Luckyest Girl Alive, Jessica Knoll?

Jessica Kroll has had a busy writing life, but let’s break down the main highlights:

  • In 2013, she resigned as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.
  • Soon after, she joined Self at Conde Nast. In the background she was working on The luckiest girl in the world.
  • Her book was the subject of a bidding war, but Reese Witherspoon eventually won the rights to create a movie.
  • Other works by Jessica Knoll include The favorite sister. She also has four screenplays and a horror movie lined up (purchased by Amazon). We’ll see more work from Jessica Knoll in the future.
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From a personal perspective, Jessica has kept her personal life quite secret, with few details about her husband. But she’s from Philadelphia and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog.

How is the Netflix movie Luckyest Girl Alive being received?

So far, there aren’t enough reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to reach a consensus, but here at Ready Steady Cut, we’ve given the film a favorable review:

“Visceral yet empowering, Luckyest Girl Alive captures the viewer’s attention with gripping mystery and sobering moments of reality. Kunis’ slow descent from numbing pain to self-awareness is subtle yet piercing” – 4 out of 5 stars.

You can watch the movie on netflixand it is available worldwide.

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