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Is Melanie really dead on Snowpiercer? Jennifer Connelly’s fate explored

January 26, 2022

Melanie’s fate was left up in the air in the Snowpiercer season 2 finale, which left fans wondering if she was dead and if Jennifer Connelly was leaving.

Snowpiercer has been one of the must-watch TV shows since it first aired on our screens in March 20202.

Each new episode was more gripping than the last, and the Season 2 finale turned out to be the same as it was heavily implied that a key character had perished in the freezing wasteland.

However, fans wondered “Is Melanie really dead?” on Snowpiercer and if actress Jennifer Connelly leaves the series?

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10 aired March 29 on TNT in the United States in a climactic double bill.

After the scheming Mr. Wilford regained control of Snowpiercer in episode 8, the two-part finale saw the passengers of the endless train plan to fight back with Layton leading the charge.

Layton and Ruth seek to stage a rebellion on the train and take control of Snowpiercer’s engine, but LJ figures out the plan and warns Wilford, setting up a climactic showdown that ends with Layton and co splitting up on a toy train. rebel.


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Is Melanie dead in Snowpiercer?

Melanie’s fate remained unknown after the Season 2 finale of Snowpiercer.

It’s heavily implied that Melanie died after being left stranded on the train at the end of Episode 6, the events that lead up to what we see in Episode 10, but her fate remains unknown.

After separating from the main Snowpiercer train, Layton and Alex find the research station where Melanie was staying but find no sign of her other than a note and the data discs she left behind.

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Having exhausted almost all of her food and nourishment, Melanie decided to leave the shelter of her research station and as we saw in Snowpiercer, the outside world can be fatal.

But keeping fans hopeful is the fact that we never see Melanie’s body, frozen or not, which in the TV world usually means we might just see her again.

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Is Jennifer Connelly leaving?

No, Jennifer Connelly should return in season 3.

According to Decider, a representative for TNT has confirmed that Jennifer Connelly will return in Season 3 which premiered on January 24 in the United States.

Melanie’s return is unclear. Could it be in a flashback or will she have found an ingenious way to survive?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about Jennifer Connelly’s return to the show, co-star Daveed Diggs said: “I haven’t seen anything so I don’t know.

“We shoot out of order, so who knows? I cannot reveal in what capacity she returns. »

Whether Melanie survived or bit the frozen dust, the character’s legacy will live on, regardless that the season 2 finale revealed that she was able to find areas of Earth with temperatures warm enough for humans to can survive and recolonize.

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Snowpiercer Season 3 premiered on TNT on January 24 and on Netflix internationally on January 25, 2022.

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