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Is Lost Ollie renewed for season 2 on Netflix?

August 25, 2022

If you were looking for a show to tug on your heartstrings, you’ve definitely found it.

Netflix has plenty of content for the whole family, and one of its most recent titles has proven to be somewhat essential viewing for kids and adults alike.

Created by Shannon Tindle, Lost Ollie was unveiled on the platform on Wednesday August 24, 2022 and is actually based on the 2016 children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey by William Joyce.

Telling the touching tale of a toy’s search for the child who lost it, you might wonder if the Season 1 finale is the end of the road…

Jonathan Groff voices Ollie gazing into the distance from a hill as a boat sails in Lost OllieOllie lost. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Is Lost Ollie renewed for season 2?

No, Netflix has already confirmed that Lost Ollie is a limited series. It was not renewed for a second season.

So there is no reason to wait for more episodes.

All four episodes premiered on the same day, and the ending should certainly satisfy audiences, knowing that the show’s writers took a “one and done” approach to the source material.

Episode 4 – titled Home – closes the book on Ollie’s heartwarming journey.


“It was a bit of a throw”

Cartoon Brew reveals that the series was originally meant to be eight half-hour episodes, but the decision was later changed to four longer episodes. Shannon recently commented on the change:

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“To be honest it was a bit difficult because pace is everything. I had launched and started writing the series in eight episodes, and we didn’t have much time to restructure it. Luckily, we got longer episodes, so it wasn’t like the show was cut in half.

Overall, it’s clear he’s happy with how the project came to fruition, extending his appreciation for the show’s cast.

“We had some amazing live performances,” he said, “and if the performances of the animated characters aren’t believable for even a moment, the whole show fails.”

Lost Ollie | official trailer

BridTV11022Ollie Lost | Official Trailer

Who is in the cast of Lost Ollie?

You can check out the central stars and their respective roles below:

  • Jonathan Groff as Ollie
  • Mary J. Blige as Rosy
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Zozo
  • Gina Rodriguez as Mom
  • Jake Johnson as Dad
  • Kesler Talbot as Billy

Lost Ollie is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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