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Is Inside Job canceled or renewed for season 2 on Netflix?

January 9, 2023

Inside Job certainly has legions of fans, but no matter how much you love a show, there’s always the fear that it will be canceled before it can really take off. Created by Shion Takeuchi, the animated sci-fi sitcom premiered on Netflix in October 2021 and presented audiences with a workplace comedy in which a host of conspiracy theories are actually real.

The writers wielded so much potential with the concept straight out of the gate with Part 1, while Part 2 then hit the platform with eight episodes in November 2022.

Although he was appreciated by fans, there was a feeling that his future is uncertain. Netflix has canceled the likes of Warrior Nun, Fate: The Winx Saga, The Midnight Club, Resident Evil, and more in recent memory.

With that in mind, is Inside Job canceled or is Season 2 safe from the chop?

Roger Craig Smith as Keanu Reeves with outstretched hand in Inside JobInside Job cr. netflix

Is Inside Job canceled or renewed for season 2?

Inside Job was originally renewed for Season 2 on Netflix, but the streamer essentially canceled the renewal, instead canceling the series after its first season.

The show’s creator confirmed the news on Twitter on Monday, January 9, 2023:

“I am heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel Inside Job Season 2. Over the years, these characters have become real people to me, and I’m devastated that I can’t watch them grow. Reagan and Brett deserved to have their end and finally find happiness. And I would have loved to be able to share what awaited me with all of you.

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She added: “To everyone who watched, thank you for coming along for the ride. Even though I’m sad, it helps to know that there are people who care about these characters as much as I do.

Netflix previously renewed Inside Job for season 2 in June 2022, The Digital Fix reports, but has since canceled plans for more episodes nonetheless.


Inside Job fans react

A number of the show’s fans wasted no time reacting to the cancellation, with some asking where their happy ending lies after Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Petition Save Inside Job season 2

Although cancelled, a user started a petition titled “Netflix: Cancel and renew internal work for season 2!” »

As of this writing, he’s got over 300 signatures and counting.

While petitions don’t necessarily have good results in terms of Netflix rescinding their cancellations after fan demand, they can be signed online here.

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Inside Job is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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