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Is How I Became a Gangster based on a true story?

January 7, 2023

Is the message How I became a gangster based on a true story? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Is How I Became a Gangster based on a true story? In this article, we are discussing the popular Netflix Original movie.

Polish crime drama How i became a gangster worked its way into the list of top 10 movies on netflix, though it was quietly released earlier this year to no fanfare or subsequent publicity. This surprising, small-scale Netflix Original sparked interest seemingly overnight, coming out of nowhere to storm the charts. This led to much discussion of the gritty drama online, with many viewers taking to the net to investigate the film’s origins. So is How i became a gangster based on a true story?

What is How I Became a Gangster about on Netflix?

Carried out by Maciej Kawulski (Netflix 365 days) and written by Krzysztof Gurecznythis Polish gangster film tells the story of an unnamed ambitious thug (played by Marcin Kowalczyk) who rose through the ranks of the Warsaw criminal mafia. Our narrator begins in the sex trafficking racket, before moving into armed robbery and drug distribution. Then the criminal tries to enter the big leagues, while hiding all these illegal activities from his naive wife Magda (Natalia Szröder).

Is How I Became a Gangster based on a true story?

The Netflix original opens with a disclaimer stating that the events of the film actually took place in real life, but some details have been edited for the safety of real people involved in this criminal underworld. The film shines a light on the brutality of the Polish Mafia, a criminal organization that reigned supreme over the nation for many years. Due to the nature of this business, the narrator remains anonymous to protect his own identity. But it’s more than likely based on a real criminal.

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Interestingly, the creators of How i became a gangsteralso directed another crime drama for Netflix, titled How I fell in love with a gangster, which tells the story of real gangster Nikodem ‘Nikos’ Skotarczak. He was a prominent Polish mobster in the 1970s, who founded the country’s first organized crime syndicate, specializing in smuggling stolen cars from Germany and Austria to Poland. Heralded as one of Poland’s greatest and most famous gangsters, his life’s work and many other Polish criminals of the same ilk more than likely influenced How i became a gangster.

How I Became A Gangster Worth Watching?

Even though How i became a gangster growing in popularity, very few critics rated the film. Currently, only Ready Steady Cut and The Guardian have submitted reviews to Rotten Tomatoes. Both critics are quite negative towards the film. Ready Steady Cut writer Lori C. gave the film 2.5 stars and said that “While the film is full of tired tropes and misogyny, and adds little value to the genre in its together it’s still a pretty entertaining piece.” The Guardian was even less enthusiastic, giving the film a one-star rating.

The public response, however, was much more encouraging. It currently has a score of 7.0 on IMDb, from 2.9k votes. As audiences browse Rotten Tomatoes, praise the film’s action sequences and lead actor. Regardless of reviews and reviews, this movie is likely to continue to be a hit, it’s a violent and stylized crime drama with an 18 rating making it an entertaining watch. The fact that it’s based on real events only adds to the experience.

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Is the message How I became a gangster based on a true story? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.