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Invasion season 1, recap of episode 6 – “Home Invasion”

November 12, 2021

This Invasion season 1, episode 6 recap, “Home Invasion,” contains spoilers.

With the news finally being announced in a global address by the President of the United States last week that aliens are invading, “Home Invasion” begins in a more interesting position than any of the previous episodes. Everyone is crazy. It takes Aneesha half the cold to remember that she left her children behind, and she has to leave the transport she is in and sprint in the opposite direction. It’s a bit of a silly scene, but it only lasts a few minutes, which feels like a pity, just like the entire episode being unusually brief at just 33 minutes.

Invasion Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Very quickly, we understand why. As Aneesha retraces her steps along the road she has just taken, she encounters corpses and overturned vehicles. Everything is calm and silent, just like 28 Days Later . If you really wanted to quibble, you might wonder how this level of devastation came about so quickly and completely. But I was just happy that Invasion seems to actually do something and go somewhere. And he was going with Aneesha.

This is the smartest decision made by “Home Invasion”. He doesn’t jump all over the place and doesn’t try to take into account multiple perspectives around the world. He follows Aneesha all the way down this road, then returns to the refuge where Ahmed and the children are hiding. aliens who have started to make their presence felt on Earth quite strongly.

ThisI was thinking, looks more like that. The way in which Invasion generally uses extended moments of wandering characters without doing much is different here; Aneesha stood perfectly still, hiding in a doorway, becomes a streak of great tension, as it has been established that there is a bloodthirsty alien around the corner. That’s all it took! All Invasion had to do to become much more interesting was to simply start the invasion. Who would have thought?

All is obviously not perfect. Some of the drama between the characters feels a bit forced, the show is still very bad at communicating time and distance, and Ahmed doesn’t die when it looks like he could. These are all obvious drawbacks. But, for once, there are obvious advantages. In just one episode, the show’s aliens were not only featured, but made truly deadly and yet mysterious. It takes most of “Home Invasion” to even see them properly – there are a lot of clever glimpses to build the reveal – and seeing them only raises more questions. The design is… eerie, a gloopy mass of what appear to be tentacles and many stacked mouths, like an oral matryoshka doll. They are tough, as we see, but killable, even if only in a fairly specific, fierce way, with a particular instrument. Either way, the show is immediately much better for their presence.

You can stream Invasion season 1, episode 6, “Home Invasion,” exclusively on Apple TV +.

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