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Hunters season 2 episode 5 recap – why is Joe Mizushima now a Nazi?

January 13, 2023

Hunters season 2 episode 5 recap – why is Joe Mizushima now a Nazi? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Prime Video Hunters Season 2 Episode 5 series, “Blutsbande”, which contains spoilers.

Season 2 episode five is called “Blutsbande,” which is German for blood ties. As the title suggests, this episode is all about family. Jonah (Logan Lerman) must choose between his blood relative Chava (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and his bride Clear (Emily Rudd)while flashbacks explore At Roxy’s (Tiffany Boon) her own battle between being a caring mother or a reliable brother, as she plots to rescue her sister from prison. It’s a slower episode, but with an explosive finale nonetheless.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Still reeling from what happened in the previous chapter, Jonah wakes up from his dizziness to find Roxy bleeding in Lonny’s arms. They requisition a vehicle and Lonny drives her lover to the nearest hospital. Jonah’s attention is elsewhere however, he returns to base to inform the others of what just happened. George died, Roxy got shot Joe and Clara was taken prisoner by Travis. The gang can’t believe this news, but nonetheless, Chava doesn’t want to submit to the enemy’s obvious bait. Chava and Jonah argue afterward. Here is their first riddle, go after Hitler or save Clara. Chava has spent thirty years hunting the Führer, yet the others side with Jonah, they don’t want any more bloodshed today.

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Clara is bound in an unknown location. Travis taunts her, mentioning what a cold-blooded killer Jonah is. Left alone with just Joe, Clara tries to convince her captor by talking to them on a human level. Joe continues to have visions of his sessions with Adolf, where he was experimented on and brainwashed. Meanwhile, Adolf practices his aim with clay pigeon shooting. However, he argues with the Colonel. Adolf wants to go nuclear and drop (literal) bombs, while the Colonel thinks it’s a foolish plan, they should bide their time instead. To close the debate, Adolf knocks him out with the butt of his weapon.

The gang heads to a quaint village, following a clue Jonah uncovers, which will hopefully lead them to Clara. The hunters have split into two groups, Chava and Jonah are investigating one side of the village together, Millie and Sister Harriet The other. Millie confesses to killing the Nazi bishop and fears she’s going to hell for what she did. Sister Harriet tries to comfort her saying she did a great deed, don’t worry they will stay together. Then they kiss.

Meanwhile, Chava tries to convince Jonah to give Clara up for good. If he really loved her, he would let her go. The two couples reunite after their search, without finding anything interesting. Jonah remembers seeing flowers inside the van that took Clara, they decide to check out the flower shops before leaving. The florist explains that the purple flowers seen in the van were from a farm in Los Olmos, their next stop.

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In two separate flashback sequences, the theme of family is explored in greater depth. Roxy struggles to care for her own daughter while planning a prison break to free her innocent sister. Her father tells her to be a mother, not a hero. In the other flashback, Meyer visits his old family in Berlin. He is on a mission to recruit Nazi hunter Tomasz, but deviates instead. Meyer visits her family’s butchers and talks with her sister Gertrude. She almost seems to recognize her brother, who has had plastic surgery since the last time they interacted. Meyer then goes to his mother’s grave, where Tomasz ambushes him. Meyer is forced to kill the comrade to prevent his secret identity from being revealed.

Back in the present timeline of the series, Clara tries to escape her captors. She manages to break into the fields surrounding the farm, but Travis easily catches her. The Nazis must quickly hide in the basement, however, as Jonah and the gang are hot on their heels. The hunters arrive at the farm and investigate the empty farm. It’s a tense sequence as both sides prepare for battle, the heroes above ground and Clara below the floor with the other Nazis.

The ending explained

A firefight ensues, with the Nazis firing into the cellar ceiling, while the hunters aim down through the floor. It’s quite a frenetic scene as both sides shoot each other maniacally. Clara screams as the bodies pile up. Joe decides to fight them on the same level, then Travis takes Clara hostage. Your typical Mexican standoff follows. The Hunters pointing their guns at Travis and Joe, then vice versa, with a gun stuck in Clara’s neck to add to the suspense. Chava has a goal, but Jonah forbids him to shoot. Joe has his visions again and relives Hitler’s experiences in brutal fashion. This triggers a response from Joe, who decides to shoot Travis instead, killing the Nazi and freeing Clara in the process.

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Jonah runs to Clara, but she wants nothing to do with the traitor. Joe surrenders and falls to his knees, disarmed. Sister Harriet asks why he shot Roxy and Joe admits he doesn’t know what happened. The brainwashing is deep. Joe has one saving grace though, he knows where Hitler is and will bring the hunters straight to him.

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Hunters season 2 episode 5 recap – why is Joe Mizushima now a Nazi? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.