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How I Became A Gangster Ending Explained – Why Didn’t Walden Want To Be Saved?

January 5, 2023

The post How I Became A Gangster ending explained – why didn’t Walden want to be saved? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing the ending of the Netflix movie How I Became a Gangster, which will contain spoilers.

How i became a gangster is a crime film detailing the life of an unnamed titular mobster played by Marcin Kowalczyk. Realized by Maciej Kawulskithe film shows the narrator’s story from humble beginnings as the son of a taxi driver to becoming the leader of an organized crime group.

Synopsis according to my opinion:

Set in Warsaw, the film begins with the anonymous narrator describing his youth in 1970s Poland. Although born into a loving family, the protagonist spent his childhood fighting violently, stealing his father’s taxi at night and driving past a hotel frequented by local gangsters and sex workers. As a teenager, the young entrepreneur sold local girls to Saudi tourists. When the patrons got violent with the ladies, the narrator let off steam by beating their lives. Over the years, the rank of the protagonist in the Warsaw criminal underground grew until he landed for the first time in prison. Not for committing robberies, but for randomly beating up three football fans. Upon his release, the Chief begins a criminal enterprise with a young man he has taken under his wing, Walden, and several others. He also falls in love with and marries a classy young woman who either blissfully ignores or just doesn’t care about her business.

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After several years of being virtually untouchable, our nameless Gangster finds himself in prison for the second time in his life. Curiously, none of his violent acts brought him there. Instead, he was arrested and charged with stealing a museum artifact that the kind elderly couple who sold him their house left behind. While the gangster is behind bars, his best friend Walden decides to try to assassinate the big mafia boss with a penchant for libraries, Daniel, even after our protagonist orders him not to.

How I Became A Gangster Ending Explained

Knowing that going after Daniel could cost Walden his life, the protagonist breaks out of prison (by making contact with the elderly couple who sold him the house and kindly asking them to tell the truth about the stolen art) and comes up with an elaborate plan to rescue his coked best friend. The plan is to fake Walden’s death and have the other members of his crew help him, his pregnant wife, and Walden’s girlfriend leave Poland and start over. He also pretends to have set fire to over 500 kilograms of cocaine from Daniel, before stealing it for himself and his gang.

Yet when Walden awakens from his stupor and realizes he’s on a ship leaving Poland, he’s far from impressed. Walden did not want to be saved. He finally reveals the real reason for his increasingly unhinged behavior: During a heist where everything went wrong, Walden pulled the trigger on an innocent 6-year-old boy. Learning that his best friend murdered a child was enough to trigger a vomit reaction in our protagonist. But by the time he’s ready to face Walden again, it’s too late, as the young gangster grabs the gun and shoots himself in the head.

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The final scenes take place several years after Walden’s death, with the narrator giving his now-teenage son fatherly advice from prison. We don’t know why he’s behind bars or if he’s been in jail his child’s entire life. The gangster who appeared at the start of the film to talk about his telltale book was not our protagonist, but Daniel. Although our protagonist remains anonymous, we see him being released from prison, which may suggest he’ll likely return to the same life of crime he’s been accustomed to his entire existence.

What did you think of the ending of the Netflix movie How I Became a Gangster? Comments below.

The post How I Became A Gangster ending explained – why didn’t Walden want to be saved? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.