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How did Lalo Salamanca die in Better Call Saul? Season 6 Death Explained

July 13, 2022

*WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Better Call Saul*

Since his first appearance on Better Call Saul in Season 4, Tony Dalton’s Lalo Salamanca has cemented himself as one of the greatest villains in television history.

The charming but ruthless cartel member sought revenge on rival Gus Fring after the Season 5 finale saw “the Chicken Man” attempt to assassinate Lalo in his own home.

Finally, in episode 8, the couple come face to face but, after a tense confrontation, it is Lalo who bites the dust.

But how did Lalo Salamanca die in Better Call Saul and what do fans think of his death?


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The tense confrontation between Lalo and Gus

Throughout Season 6, Lalo plotted revenge against Gus after the assassination attempt made on him in the Season 5 finale.

Lalo was patient in his approach and ventured to Germany earlier in the season to learn more about Werner Ziegler and the lab Gus had built in secret under the Lavandería Brillante laundry.

In Episode 8, Lalo finally made up his mind by enlisting Jimmy and Kim to distract Mike and the rest of Gus’ security details while he infiltrates the laundromat.

Knowing something was wrong, Gus headed for the laundromat himself, only to have Lalo kill Gus’ henchmen and leave them alone.

Always the show-off, Lalo recorded the meeting on video camera to show Don Eladio but he would not leave the laboratory.

He forced Gus to give him a guided tour of the facility, ending with the pair descending into the lab where a tense confrontation ensued. Gus gave a final speech to Lalo before the proverbial finally hit the fan.

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How did Lalo Salamanca die?

Lalo Salamanca died after being shot in the neck by Gus.

While delivering his scathing speech to Lalo, Gus positioned himself next to a power cable running through the lab and, after he finished speaking, he damaged the cable, causing the lights to go out and plunging the pair in darkness.

Gus ran to a nearby digger, where we saw him hiding a gun in a previous episode, to retrieve the gun and shoot where Lalo was standing.

Both men were able to get shot but, after emptying his clip, Gus was still standing while Lalo lay on the ground, clutching his neck, blood pouring from the wound.

After Gus has had a moment to regain his composure, he notices that he too was hit during the shootout, but unlike Lalo, he manages to receive treatment for the injury.

The episode ends with the bodies of Lalo and Howard Hamlin – whom Lalo killed in episode 7 – placed in a grave dug into the floor of the lab, the same lab where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would cook meth for Gus. in Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8, Tony Dalton as Lalo SalamancaDownload from Official Greg Lewis Press Site | CMA | Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul fans react to Lalo’s death

Despite being a villain and a certified work villain, Lalo Salamanca quickly became a fan favorite among Better Call Saul viewers and his death in Episode 8 drew a huge backlash on social media.

A fan on Twitter wrote: “Two men: Howard Hamlin and Lalo Salamanca. Even when she is diametrically opposed in just about every way imaginable – whether morally, ethically, etc. – death manages to be the great equalizer.

Another added: “Shout out to Tony Dalton. Lalo Salamanca was the scariest villain TV had seen in a long time. Smiles all day.

“Better Call Saul is so good. There was a moment in tonight’s episode where Gustavo Fring is pushed and I felt sorry for him. Lalo Salamanca is such a good villain! Shame Hawkeye wasted Tony Dalton,” this fan said.

This fan commented, “I’m not even being dramatic when I tell you it would ruin my whole week if Lalo dies this episode. For example, I have fun things planned this week, can his death wait until next week? Let’s focus on Gene today instead, okay? »

Another Twitter user said: “A Tony Dalton masterclass. Perfect that Lalo died laughing. Certainly the best episode of Lalo. His annoyed face at Jimmy and Kim arguing over which of them should commit murder was hilarious.

And finally, this fan noted how Lalo and Howard are technically still in Breaking Bad:

Season 6 of Better Call Saul continues Mondays on AMC in the US and Tuesdays on Netflix internationally.

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