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Hotel Obsidian on The Umbrella Academy explained: Is this a real place?

June 22, 2022

Warning: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Ahead

Since the central set of The Umbrella Academy was introduced to Netflix audiences in 2019, many have felt comfortable with them.

For those who found themselves fans of Gerard Ways’ comics and source material, the passion for this superhero universe started even earlier.

While some would feel right at home with their favorite characters anywhere, it’s worth pointing out that the heroes found a new place to hang their hats in Season 3, which hit the platform on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

With the Hargreeves and Beyond back in action, viewers have turned their attention to a curious new location, encouraging some fans to wonder if he’s real or fictional.

So, let’s focus on The Umbrella Academy’s Hotel Obsidian…

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Is The Umbrella Academy’s Hotel Obsidian a real place?

No, the Obsidian Hotel is not a real hotel and it is a fictional place imagined for The Umbrella Academy.

We find the Umbrellas in a dilemma when they begin to play second fiddle to the power and abilities of the Sparrows, their superhero counterparts. Thus, they are confronted with the problems of relocation.

They need a place where they can escape the publicity and live relatively carefree, and they find a new home in the mysterious Obsidian Hotel after Klaus’ suggestion.

Its interior is reminiscent of a time long before their own, and Klaus informs the Umbrellas that a number of high-profile guests have made this a must-see destination over the years. these include names from Mahatma Gandhi to Elvis Presley. Now, on the other hand, it has become a haven for outcasts and misfits.

He even adds that the Kardashians would have stayed there once upon a time, and while they’re recognizable characters in our own world, you won’t find the Obsidian Hotel anywhere on the map outside of The Umbrella Academy’s boundaries.



The Umbrella Academy | Season 3 trailer | netflix

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What is Hotel Oblivion?

Hotel Obsidian should not be confused with Hotel Oblivion, which also features in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

Ready Steady Cut points out that a hotel within Hotel Obsidian is revealed and it is Hotel Oblivion. Lila and Diego are the first to discover the hidden location, finding a hidden walkway behind a pachinko game in the White Buffalo Suite.

Upon finding the gateway, they are confronted with a tunnel that leads to Oblivion. Inevitably, they decide to venture further in their desperate quest to find their missing child, Stanley.

Unfortunately for them, he is not on the other side.

How did Hotel Oblivion come to this?

A flashback reveals that Sir Reginald Hargreeves – who was on Earth in 1918 – managed to find a gateway to another dimension.

It was originally located in a field, and to make it more convenient to enter and exit the portal at will during his efforts to bring Abigail back, he decided it was worth building a hotel around it. -ci: The Obsidian.

His sequel, the White Buffalo, gives him easy and direct access to the Oblivion dimension.

The Umbrella Academy is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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