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Here’s why Jonah Hill and Lauren London didn’t kiss on You People

February 11, 2023

There’s a lot of talk about Jonah Hill and Lauren London not kissing in their movie scene, but here’s the real reason they didn’t lock lips in You People.

The Netflix comedy garnered mixed reviews from viewers. While some really enjoyed the unconventional relationship the main characters share, some feel there was no chemistry between them.

Meanwhile, the missing kiss between the cast became a hot topic of social media discussion after Andrew Shulz confirmed in an interview that Jonah and Lauren kept their faces apart during the scene, without revealing the reason.

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Los Angeles premiere of NetflixPhoto by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Why didn’t Jonah Hill and Lauren London kiss?

Jonah and Lauren don’t kiss in You People because the movie was filmed in October 2021 when coronavirus cases were on the rise and everyone was required to maintain social distancing while following safety protocol.

For the same reason, the actors didn’t lock their lips in real life, and the kissing scene was created using CGI, LA Times reports. “So the fake kiss in You People was actually a side effect of COVID-19,” the outlet states.

It’s also worth noting that CGI has been commonly used for scenes involving physical contact in movies and shows since production resumed in 2020. People were also asked to keep their masks on while filming.

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And, while some productions didn’t want to use CGI and capture a real kiss, the actors involved in the scene had to quarantine together before sticking together.

Executives have not confirmed whether the kiss was created by CGI or not and neither London nor Hill has commented on this claim.

Viewers react to the use of CGI

Obviously, people have found every possible reason why Jonah and Lauren’s kiss didn’t happen in the movie, including the lack of chemistry.

“Lauren London and Jonah Hill had absolutely no chemistry in You People,” one said.

While others were just surprised that the kiss scene was created using CGI.

Another tweet read: “Mind still blown by Lauren London/Jonah Hill CGI kiss.”

“HOLD UP LAUREN LONDON IS NOT KISS JONAH HILL? Today is the funniest day yet,” one tweeted.

One user who seems tired of the fake kiss discussion said: “I don’t understand why the Lauren London and Jonah Hill CGI kiss is a topic right now?? If they did or if they didn’t, why do you care for real.

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You People is streaming on Netflix

You People is currently available to stream on Netflix. Released on January 27, the film navigates the relationship and differences between biracial couple Amira and Ezra as they attempt to reunite their families.

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From the reviews, the characters seem to get a lot of traction for portraying themselves as a rather unconventional couple as opposed to the quintessential modern couple.

However, they are known to share a cordial relationship in real life and Lauren expressed support for her ‘homeboy’ when his decision to promote the film despite his mental health was debated.

“For us to pretend that we are stronger than others and that we can handle more is unfair. I have room for Jonah Hill. He’s my buddy. I love him and whatever he needs to do for his soul, that’s what I’m here for. she said at the film’s premiere at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles.

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