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Hellbound season 2: Netflix renewal and release date theories explored

November 26, 2021

Last week Netflix launched its latest original Korean drama “Hellbound,” but has the supernatural thriller series already been confirmed for Season 2?

It was a busy weekend for many Netflix fans, who were simultaneously streaming Tiger King Season 2, Arcane Act Three, and Cowboy Bebop at the same time.

However, one title that should definitely be added to your watchlist is the fantastic Korean drama, Hellbound.

The new K-drama premiered worldwide on November 19, but as with any Netflix release, many fans were quick to ping the entire six-episode series.

So, has Hellbound been renewed for season 2 by Netflix, and when could it potentially release in the world?

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Hell | Final trailer | Netflix

BridTV6479Hellbound | Final trailer | Netflixhttps: //

The Hellbound Season 2 been confirmed?

As of this writing, Season 2 of Hellbound has not been confirmed by either Climax Studio (the production company behind the series) or Netflix.

However, fans don’t have to worry too much about the lack of official information, the streaming giant has a habit of waiting several weeks before making any kind of announcement on renewals. The good news is that Season 2 is definitely set up by the dramatic finale of Episode 6.

When Min Hey-Jin escapes from the New Truth with the baby, it appeared that the main story would end with the world finding out that the decree can be given without any “original sin”.

Nonetheless, the screen goes black as we return to Park Jung-Ja’s home, the location of the first live-streamed demo of episode three. Smoke and dust fill the room again as Mrs. Park’s cremated remains begin to regenerate… she wakes up naked on the floor, seemingly back from hell.

So, Hellbound’s storyline is set to continue into a second season, but like all original Netflix titles, any renewal is entirely dependent on how many people watch the series.

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Hellbound Season 1 Notes …

Unfortunately, Netflix does not release its official audience figures for the original titles, making it difficult to gauge the popularity of a particular show or movie on the platform.

However, the platform reveals their titles’ weekly scores, led by their new Top 10 website. Here, Netflix reveals that the Korean series has made it into the Top 10 Series of the Week and has been watched by users for more than 43,480,000 hours!

Hellbound also scores high on various user-based commenting websites, including a 6.8 / 10 on IMDB, 7.6 / 10 on MyDramaList, and an impressive 78% on AsianWiki and Rotten Tomatoes.

“I started to think about watching one episode and maybe leaving the rest for later. Instead, I ended up watching the whole series excessively. The story, the suspense and the gore are captivating and will leave you numb at times. Nonetheless, it’s a brilliant series and I can’t wait for S2. ”- User“ tezzjoseph ”via IMDB.

Favorable reviews are coming in from critics as well, with Digital Spy giving Hellbound Season 1 a solid 4/5 stars and saying there is “more ground to cover” if Netflix decides to continue production.

Similar views are echoed by Decider, who states that despite a “slow and rambling” opening, Hellbound “sets up an interesting story that could go just about anywhere.”

So, assuming Hellbound is watched by enough homes and is renewed for Season 2, when could the Korean drama return to Netflix?

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Hellbound season 2: potential release date …

As Hellbound season 2 has not been officially confirmed, a targeted release date has not been communicated by either Netflix or the showrunners. However, we can make some predictions based on the production schedule of the first installment.

The series was first announced in April 2020, and many cast members were confirmed in late July.

While the series is an adaptation of a popular Webtoon, the Netflix show takes a few liberties and adds countless scenes for additional context.

This means that the problem with predicting a potential release date for Season 2 is that we don’t know if the production team has already written a screenplay for the next chapter in Hellbound’s story.

Assuming Netflix gives the green light for season 2 and work on the potential story can begin in the next few months, fans could see Hellbound return to Netflix as early as October 2022.

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A quick review of Hellbound …

As part of the promotional campaign, Hellbound was designed as that supernatural thriller series with many fans assuming that the K-drama would focus on the horrific monsters and their origin.

However, Hellbound takes a different approach and tells the story of those affected; be it the victims, the skeptics or those who have formed a sect-like religious group, the New Truth.

This is where the Korean series shines: when it shows a reaction from the humanities and a rather inhuman response to these monsters, rather than the creatures themselves.

In this way, the entire cast looks great – especially Yoo Ah-In as New Truth frontman Jung Jin-Soo and Kim Hyun-Joo as Min Hey-Jin.

Hellbound’s only negative was the untimely demise of Jung Jin-Soo, who is dragged to hell in the middle of the series.

This character was both formidable and terrifying throughout the opening arc as a religious activist, but something was definitely missing in the final episodes after Jin-Soo’s death.

Personally, I would have loved to see Jin-Soo be the main “bad guy” in the whole series and become some kind of a global religious icon, rather than an activist that many people had overlooked in Episode 6.

Overall, Hellbound is a fantasy series filled with emotion, suspense, and horror; It should be among the best K-Dramas of 2021 by the end of the year.

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This article will be updated as soon as more information on Hellbound Season 2 is shared by official sources.

By Tom Llewellyn –

Theories explored after the Hellbound Season 2 renewal and Netflix release date first appeared on Juicee News.