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Hellbound Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Documentary Producer

November 19, 2021

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Hellbound Season 1, Episode 4 series contains spoilers.

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Hellbound slowed down and decided to venture onto different characters. It is a smooth and welcome transition as we learn of the recent impact of events on this world.

Hellbound summary of season 1, episode 4

Episode 4 opens, showing how the angels coming to earth have been integrated into the culture; there is a museum and the families record the Damnations. Families now fear their sins, believing that God’s will is for everyone to be righteous. Pastor Kim Jeongchil now leads “The New Truth” and continues the message. It is a world of fear and intimidation. It’s not a pleasant world at all.

Bae Youngjae is the producer of a documentary creation on recent events with “The New Truth”. The production company is under pressure to show the changes in the world, and people fear facing the crimes of Arrowhead. Producer Bae is upset with how the world has changed, with the kids scared as well. He is also worried because he and his wife Song Sohyun have had a new baby, and he finds it difficult to be there for his family.

However, in a twist, their newborn baby has been declared bound to hell as the woman visits her child. Song Sohyun is researching newborn babies who have sinned, but nothing appears online.

Youngjae learns that his colleague Junwon had to deal with loan sharks, which led him to a fishing pier. Along the way, he’s stopped by the Arrowhead organization, which ends up letting him go – they sense he’s having an affair but can’t prove it. Eventually, he gets to the fishing pier, but he can’t find Junwon at first. When he finds him, Junwon jumps into the lake, and he’s distraught and panicked. Junwon reveals that he received the prophecy and will soon go to Hell – he wants Youngjae to pretend he hasn’t found him and Sodo Loans will take care of his family. He does not want his family to live in the shame of being tied to a sinner.

The end

As the angels arrive, Junwon tells Youngjae not to tell his wife anything. Junwon is shot to death and the ritual is over. Youngjae is in shock when he sees his friend’s head in the water. Men arrive and take the corpse, and Hyeongjun tells him to forget what he saw before going to sleep. In the background, Min Hyejin watches. She’s alive.

Youngjae wakes up in the hospital and finds his wife. Song Sohyun shows her a video of the prophecy that was passed on to their baby. The woman wonders what her newborn baby could have done and sobs from giving birth to a sinner. Youngjae tells him that she hasn’t done anything wrong and he promises to find out.

It’s hell out of control at this point. Being tied to hell has been capitalized on, and no one knows who the evil really is anymore

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