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Harlem season 1 – who is Quinn?

December 5, 2021

The article explains who Quinn is from Amazon Original Series Harlem season 1.

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Who is Quinn in Amazon Season 1 Harlem ?

Before the start of Harlem season 1, Quinn (Grace Byers) worked in an office that made her mother Patricia (Jasmine Guy) extremely proud. It didn’t matter to Patricia that Quinn was miserable at her job. But it did for Quinn, and she quit her job. Patricia was extremely disappointed and put her daughter on trial for quitting when she had no other prospect in sight.

Five years later, Quinn has his own business “Quinn Joseph”. But as things aren’t going very well, Patricia still doesn’t approve and belittles Quinn at every opportunity. Dating frequent, Quinn often goes on dates on this date, most dates turning out to be horrible. But does her luck change when she meets Shawn (Robert Ri’chard)? Even though he goes against his code, since he’s a stripper with a kid (JJ Tyler Williams), Quinn still loves him. Despite his efforts not to do so.

Then, business even starts to pick up for Quinn! Even if it costs little. She agrees to make the wedding dress for Mira (Rana Roy), aka the fiancée of Ian (Tyler Lepley). While this will net Quinn five figures, Camille (Meagan Good) and Tye (Jerrie Johnson) dispute the fact. However, it wasn’t long before his friends came to an agreement.

Quinn makes a decision

With her business (slightly) improving and her relationship with Shawn looking to head somewhere, all she has to do is bond with JJ Although she first falls asleep while babysitting. , she takes JJ bowling and they are having a blast. The only problem is that she also bonds with Isabela (Juani Feliz) in the process. Confused about almost sharing a kiss with Isabela, Quinn asks Tye for advice before continuing with Isabela.

Ultimately, at the end of the season, Quinn decides to invite Isabela out on a date, which Isabela accepts. But what does this mean for Shawn? While Quinn is more than happy that Isabella has accepted his date offer, have you given any thought to how Shawn will feel or react?

You can watch Harlem on Amazon Prime.

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