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Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 15 recap – “The Human Choice”

May 25, 2022

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 15, “Human Choice,” contains spoilers.

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Green Mothers Club summary of season 1, episode 15

Episode 15 opens with Geon-u hounded by the press for his criminal actions. Meanwhile, Yeong-mi gives Eun-pyo more evidence of her husband’s actions so she can hand it over to Jae-ung, who works for the police. She claims that she was deceived and that Geon-u abused her family. Eun-pyo tells her that she is brave, but Yeong-mi states that she had no choice. And she’s right; she had no alternative unless she herself wanted to be investigated for withholding evidence.

Eun-pyo collects clothes from Chun-hui’s apartment and meets her friend to deliver them to her. However, when they reunite in a parking lot, Chun-hui looks rushed. The women catch up anyway, and Chun-hui expresses the woes of her marriage. Yun-ju sees Eun-pyo with Chun-hui, and she is surprised to see them together. Chun-hui explains her daughter’s acts of lying and how they diagnosed her and put her in therapy. Yun-ju softens her aggressive approach and joins the two women for a drink.

Chun-hui’s husband is pressured by drug dealers to stock up on medicine at the hospital. Meanwhile, a drunk Chun-hui runs into one of her criminal acquaintances in front of Eun-pyo and Yun-ju. Her husband arrives and spills drugs on the street. It looks like a shady situation in front of his friends; Chun-hui has a heated argument with her husband as tensions rise. Yun-ju returns home and asks her husband if she has met Chun-hui again. He claims he only met her because she needed medicine, but he never provided any. The next day, Eun-pyo meets with Chun-hui to check on her, but she doesn’t ask him questions, deciding not to rush her. She may sense that her friend is stressed and emotional.

Flashbacks show how Louis tried to replace Rhea with Jin-ha, but he didn’t feel the same way about his wife. In the present, he tells Rhea that his wife is dead and he was afraid she would run away if he told her the truth. But Rhea is understanding and he kisses Louis. Louis tries to introduce his son Henry to Rhea, but he panics and wants to go to his grandmother. What a strange story!

Eun-pyo learns from police officer Dong-sik (looking at her husband’s phone) that the person supplying the drugs to the criminals in the hospital is Chun-hui and she panics about this revelation, so she calls Chun-hui and lets him know that the police suspect her and that there is a warrant. And then, Yun-jun calls Jae-ung, Eun-pyo’s husband, and raises his suspicions about Chun-hui and her husband. Chun-hui is shaking. Her breathing is short as she fears going to jail. She asks Eun-pyo if she can help send her children to Canada so her sister can take care of them and promises that she will come back to serve her sentence in prison.

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But when Eun-pyo doesn’t answer, Chun-hui calls Yun-ju’s husband, Man-su, and asks him to lend her some money. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. Man-su is caught between two minds. However, when he meets Chun-hui, he reveals that he went to a loan shark because he doesn’t have the money to help him, but then decided not to help him. he couldn’t do it to his wife and family – he sobs profusely and apologizes, but Chun-hui hugs him and is understanding.

Eun-pyo meets Chun-hui, and she’s stuck; she doesn’t know what to do. She feels like it’s over. Eun-pyo hands him an envelope of five million won in cash. Chun-hui doesn’t want to accept it, knowing that she puts Eun-pyo and her family in more debt. Eun-pyo insists that she take him so she can get her children to safety first.

Chun-hui meets her mother, and they are both upset by the situation they find themselves in. Eun-pyo then drives Chun-hui and her children to the airport. When Eun-pyo comes home, her husband asks her if she is close to Chun-hui and if she noticed anything suspicious about her. Eun-pyo states that she didn’t see anything to warrant suspicion.

Later that night, Chun-hui calls Eun-pyo from the airport and thanks her for all her help. She promises to come back once her children are with her sister. They promise to meet again. However, it looks like Chun-hui has no intention of returning. When Eun-pyo puts down her phone and turns around, her husband Jae-ung is standing there; he has heard everything and feels betrayed by her. Eun-pyo states that she felt very bad for Chun-hui because they are both mothers. She insists that Chun-hui will come back once her children are safe, but Jae-ung is in no mood to play games and he tells his colleague to meet Chun-hui at the airport. .

The end

The penultimate episode ends in dramatic circumstances.

Eun-pyo tries to warn Chun-hui by calling her, but she is sleeping at the airport. She leaves a voicemail warning Chun-hui that she is on a no-fly list, but Chun-hui never hears it and forgets to pick up her phone. Jae-ung arrives with the police, but Eun-pyo finds Chun-hui first and tries to help them escape. However, Jae-ung and his officers find them all – he looks at Eun-pyo with a disappointed face. Jae-ung heads towards Chun-hui to stop him, but Eun-pyo stands in his way. It’s a true vow of loyal friendship, but will it work in favor of Eun-pyo and Chun-hui?

Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate chapter as Chun-hui runs out of time to save herself and her family. Will true friendship prevail?

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