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Glory Part 1 ending explained – why is Dong-eun seeking revenge?

December 30, 2022

The Glory Part 1 post ending explained – why is Dong-eun seeking revenge? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

This article contains spoilers for The Glory Season 1 Episode 8 and is an open discussion about The Glory Part 1 ending.

Part 1 of the netflix k-drama Glory is a fairly simple story of revenge. It follows Moon Dong-eun, a woman in her thirties who, as a child, was relentlessly harassed by the privileged children of parents from influential backgrounds that the authorities couldn’t – and in many cases wouldn’t. – to touch. After trying to lodge a complaint with the police and the faculty, Dong-eun realized that any kind of revenge would have to be of his own design, and after a period of wishing himself dead, decided to seek revenge, dedicating his life to making his tormentors pay for what they did.

Glory Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The main subject of Dong-eun’s anger is Park Yeonjin, a sadistic young woman who knew that due to her influential family, her actions would never be officially punished. She took obvious pleasure in torturing her victims. But while ruining her is the ultimate goal, Dong-eun targets the entire gang for their complicity, and even the educator who allowed the torment to happen.

Amid all of this, there is basically a love story between Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong, a medical intern who meets Dong-eun by chance – or by fate? – and teaches him to play Goes, which functions as a visual and thematic metaphor throughout. Dong-eun becomes a teacher and, over two decades, amasses the right amount of evidence and an airtight plan to ruin everyone who made her childhood a misery.

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Nowadays, Yeon-jin is a wife and mother, and a semi-famous weather reporter, though her career has been protected by her wealthy and influential husband. Dong-eun moves into an apartment next door to her house and starts looking for important documents in her trash cans. This way, she discovered Yeon-jin’s father-in-law’s last will, Kim Shin Taewho had bequeathed his important estate not only to his son, Su Hyeonbut also her secret lover, shin taethe president of Semyeong Elementary School where Dong-eun, through blackmail, is able to get a job as Yeon-jin’s daughter’s teacher, Ha Ye-sol.

Dong-eun also manipulates Myeong-oh, gopher of the group at school and even as an adult, to help him. His plans were pretty airtight in many ways. Sara Leea drug addict, was easy to handle with the narcotic. Jae-joonto whom Myeong-oh was particularly submissive, could be damaged by his past. Hye-jeongwho was barely part of the group anyway and who would have been their victim if not for Dong-eun, kept all her secrets on the phone she used to pretend she was living a lavish life.

Dong-eun also enlists the help of Kang Hyeon Nam, Yeon-jin’s housekeeper, in exchange for helping her abusive husband. With his team reunited, Dong-eun continued to collect evidence against his enemies, including proof that Ye-sol was not Do-yeongis Jae-joon’s daughter, but Jae-joon’s. Since Yeon-jin’s husband is integral to her success and lifestyle, ruining her marriage is an obvious way to bring her down.

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Glory Part 1 ending explained

It turns out that Jae-joon has been a bit and also had a secret relationship with Hye-jeong, which Dong-eun also discovers evidence of. In the meantime, she uses her knowledge of Go to lure Do-yeong out, so she can be seen with him in public. In Yeo-jeong, a man equally desperate for revenge after his father was murdered by a patient serial killer, she found a willing executioner.

The stakes are raised around the death of another of the gang’s victims, So he, whose parents never gave up on the case. Yeon-jin is willing to kill to keep this secret, and it seems – with a pair of green heels as a visual motif – that she kills Myeong-oh to do so, using her contacts and privileges to cover up the murder and force So-he’s family to finally drop the case. But Do-yeong, after receiving the photos of him and Dong-eun as a threat, starts searching around and discovers evidence of his wife’s affair with Jae-joon, Ye-sol’s parentage, and the Dong-eun’s connection as a teacher. This finally brings him face to face with Dong-eun, who relies heavily on him to enact the next step in his plan. Exactly what form this will take remains to be seen, but it will surely involve completely destroying Yeon-jin.

You can stream The Glory Season 1 Episode 8 exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of the ending of The Glory Part 1? Let us know in the comments.

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The Glory Part 1 post ending explained – why is Dong-eun seeking revenge? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.