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Glitch season 1, episode 3 recap – real estate agents with a hidden agenda

October 9, 2022

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Glitch season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

The netflix korean drama, Problem is an interesting sci-fi series that explores UFOs, cults, and religious beliefs. Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-summer) comes from a wealthy family. She has a stable job, obtained through family connections. One night, her boyfriend of four years suddenly disappears. As she sets out to find him, she tries to uncover the truth behind a mysterious secret with the help of a community of UFO spotters, including Heo Bo-ra.

In this episode, Bora (Jin-Ah Im) and Ji-hyo reconnect with their first mission together to view an apartment. There could be possible alien waves there and that’s why they go there. But they find more than they could have imagined when the realtor is actually in a cult.

Problem summary of season 1, episode 3

This episode begins with a flashback to when Ji-hyo is a little girl and struggles with her faith. The women in the church group all hanged themselves in one of the rooms because they wanted to step into the divine light.

It then flashes back to the present day as Moonface (Bora) reports that Ji-hyo crashed into her motorcycle on foot. Bora slightly exaggerates the damage done to her motorcycle and to herself as well. Ji-hyo then remembered her as a little girl and her dark past. It was all about booze and glue sniffing, and Bora was always considered a bad influence. Bora forces her at the restaurant to tell her what she saw and Ji-hyo tells her about the butterflies forming this symbol.

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Bora then finds a video she made before about one of the people who were abducted and shows it to Ji-hyo. In the video, they both see the same symbol that Ji-hyo found at the overpass. A detective ends up going to check on Ji-hyo but her parents talk to her instead and they have no idea what’s going on. Instead, the father thinks she is cheating on Sikook with the detective and doesn’t even bother to listen to what he says about his daughter.

The people on the forum try to figure out what Ji-hyo is telling them but they don’t believe her. Bora gets Ji-hyo to sign a contract to use the boyfriend’s case in the next video and they all have to band together to help her. Ji-hyo’s father invites him to dinner and then ambushes him with his boss. And now she’s even angrier at him because she’s able to handle these things on her own and he won’t let her. He’s been running her life since she was a little girl and now she’s almost 30 and doesn’t need her dad to interfere. Bora then begins broadcasting on twitch explaining his new findings.

Ji-Hyo finds out that someone also gutted Sikook’s apartment. So Bora has the idea of ​​going to visit the region and who would have done it so quickly? Bora and Ji-hyo go get a recommendation to see the new apartment and they sell that they are going to live together. Ji-hyo is very meticulous and she keeps asking questions. The real estate agent ends up siding with Bora because she’s not as intense.

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The end

When the real estate agent leaves, Bora sneaks into the apartment and tries to track the alien vibes in that apartment, then it turns into a flashback. Ji-hyo and Bora used to do the same when they were kids. When it cuts in, new people are watching the apartment and the two have to hide. While hiding, people put on a VR headset and sit on the ground. They start to sing in the divine light and it is obvious that it is a religious worship. The monitor Bora ended up catching the airwaves in the apartment. There’s such good tension that builds when the real estate agent and his friends are in the apartment looking for space while Bora and Ji-hyo try to hide. This episode shows more of the religious cult than the actual abductions, which gives it more depth.

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