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Glitch season 1, episode 1 recap – Introducing Ji-hyo and the alien abductions

October 9, 2022

This Netflix K-Drama Glitch Season 1 Episode 1 recap contains spoilers.

The netflix korean drama, Problem, is an interesting sci-fi series that explores UFOs, cults, and religious beliefs. Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-summer) comes from a wealthy family. She has a stable job obtained through family connections. One night, her boyfriend of four years suddenly disappears.

As she sets out to find him, she attempts to uncover the truth behind a mysterious secret with the help of a community of UFO spotters, including Heo Bo-ra. The series gets more intriguing as the episodes go by, and the first episode really sets it all up. This episode introduces Ji-hyo and her backstory, which helps viewers understand who she is.

Problem summary of season 1, episode 1

The first episode of Glitch opens with a little girl lying and listening to music in an open field, and a meter is lying next to her. A bright light comes towards her which looks like an eye. She approaches the light with her camera and cannot get a clear picture of it. It then goes to the present day to watch Hong Ji-Hyo (Jeon Yeo-been) grow up and live his life. She believes in science and still lives with her father and stepmother at home.

We see his way of life; she is always punctual, respectful and respects the rules. Very regimented. At work, a young girl is getting married and she looks at her wondering why she would marry so young. She wonders about the interest of being engaged at such a young age. When she goes to the grocery store, she sees an alien in one of the aisles. She finds it hard to believe what she has seen, so she gets distracted and doesn’t want to lose touch with reality. The messages from the alien follow her wherever she goes and say not to ignore what is happening right in front of her. The camera glitch lights up in her office and the aliens tell her that they are watching her.

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The alien from the store has been stalking her and that’s how they’re looking for her. It’s a new approach to reach her and she can’t stop thinking about what happened. At one point, she sees the alien growing in front of her and the alien overpowers her. She asks the building security guard to check the cameras, and he sees nothing in front of her. In her personal life, Ji-hyo has a boyfriend named Lee Si-kook (Lee Dong-hwi), and he wants to marry her, but since she feels like she’s losing her mind, she feels like she’s no good for him. She sees her colleagues getting married but she doesn’t know if she really wants to get married.

Ji-hyo goes to see her therapist about the alien and she honestly thinks it’s a hallucination. She wants to stop seeing aliens and she thinks it’s psychological. Ji-hyo also worries about her friend Seehee and how she will feel once she moves in with her boyfriend Si-kook. After a dinner with her parents and her boyfriend, she decides to break up with him.

The end

Ji-hyo worries about her sanity and thinks he might not like her if this continues. When Ji-hyo leaves, a light comes to Si-kook. Similar to what the girl did at the start of the episode, Si-kook pulls out her camera and tries to take a picture of whatever is in the light. Shortly after, he disappears. Only his watch remains on the ground.

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There’s a little scene after the credits that shows this alien website that was created to track down UFOs and that leads into the next episode. This leaves the episode on a good cliffhanger to get the viewer interested in seeing what happens with the alien abduction.

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