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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – How does Georgia find out that Ginny is self-harming?

January 5, 2023

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – How does Georgia find out that Ginny is self-harming? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6, “A Very Merry Ginny & Georgia Christmas Special”, which will contain major spoilers.

For some people, Christmas can be a confusing and triggering time, even if you love the holidays. Season 2 Episode 6 of Ginny and Georgia highlights the most wonderful time of the year in the strangest way.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Season 2 Episode 6 opens by letting people know it’s Christmas. Ginny tells how she always loved Christmas, even when her family was poor. Georgia is still upset about Ginny’s poem; her daughter called her a monster. Then Georgia and Paul must prepare for the merger of their families for Christmas. However, Ginny can sense that her mother is angry with her.

Austin enjoys his father’s company at school. He does magic tricks. Austin is confused because he doesn’t want his mother to know he’s there. And then Paul takes Austin as Gil sheets. Gil briefly checks on Paul. Danger is coming. When Austin returns home, he finds a hidden weapon. Georgia assured Paul that there were no more guns in the house. Meanwhile, Private Investigator Gabriel continues to delve into Georgia’s life.

Ginny and Georgia are Christmas shopping. However, Georgia is still upset and Ginny tries to reason with her. Flashbacks show a younger Georgia enjoying Christmas with Ginny and Gil. Gil gives Georgia an expensive necklace.

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Back in the present, Georgia and Ginny walk into of Zion apartment, and her new lover simone is there, which makes it very inconvenient. Georgia continues to dig a hole until she invites Zion’s family over for Christmas Eve dinner. When Georgia returns home, she searches for Simone on social media.

Georgia is hosting a Christmas event as part of Mayor Paul’s event. Gabriel attends the event and Georgia wonders why he came. Gabriel asks about Georgia’s attorney, who helped with her ex-husband’s estate. The lawyer was linked to a violent motorcycle gang.

Paul is Santa Claus at the event, but a lot of young mothers attended because Georgia posted a sexy photo of him on social media. Georgia tells him the benefits of advertising. Paul is angry with Georgia for many things; family issues, the gun and the kids. He does not want to be despised in his own house. He wants to be admitted. Georgia apologizes to him. Meanwhile, feeling stressed and overwhelmed by recent events, Ginny grabs a lighter, heads to her bedroom, and self-harms.

We then move on to dinner on New Year’s Eve. Georgia’s family, Zion’s family and Paul’s family together. It’s immediately awkward as Georgia’s history is brought up, including Gil, Austin’s father. Georgia turns away and asks Zion about the woman she is dating, Simone. Eventually, Georgia loses her mind as Zion’s mother continues to talk about her life. Georgia maintains that she gave a life to her children. Sion’s mother disputes this idea.

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Georgia moves away from the table, so Ginny tries to support her, but she refuses. Sion tries, and Georgia is emotional; she thinks she may have ruined Ginny. Paul then takes the turn to help Georgia, but she decides to go out “to get some fresh air”.

Georgia is heading towards Joe’s restaurant, leaving the families in his house. She tells Joe that she really thought she could have a perfect life in this town. Georgia then asks Joe why he is not with his family. She wants to know more about him. Georgia then tells Joe that she has always loved him because she never feels like he judges her. She gives him a hug and thanks him. Joe is deeply in love with her, you can tell.

When Georgia comes home, Paul has a glass of wine waiting for him. Meanwhile, Cynthia see Joe. Although she rejected him earlier after he wanted to talk about their kiss, she kisses him again. She has clearly changed her mind. It gets very hot very quickly.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Ending – How does Georgia find out that Ginny is self-harming?

It’s Christmas Day, and Georgia and the family open presents together. Paul gave Georgia the perfect wedding venue she wanted. And then Austin gets up and does a magic trick for everyone. Georgia is overwhelmed by her magical talents, reminding her of Gil. And then, Gil shows up and joins us. Georgia is confused, not knowing when Gil got out of jail.

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In private, Gil tells Georgia that he has changed. When he leaves, Georgia has to breathe deeply as she relives the trauma.

But then Georgia takes Ginny’s diary and learns that her daughter has burned herself. She calls Zion immediately. She’s surprised that Zion already knows about it and that Ginny is following a therapy.

Georgia confronts Ginny with a lighter and says, “Show me!” “. Georgia tries to convince Ginny to show her the burns. Ginny relents and shows her the burns, and Georgia is distraught and inconsolable, asking many questions.

Ginny tells her mother that she hates doing this and wants it to stop. Mother and daughter kiss in a tight embrace. Georgia apologizes for missing out. She asks her daughter to give her all the pain. Ginny sobs, letting it all hang out in her mother’s arms.

Shit, some of the endings in these episodes have an impact. Season 2 Episode 6 brought all the emotions.

Ginny and Georgia Additional Plot Points

  • Max tries to shoot her picture at the Christmas event with Sophie, but she gets rejected.

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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – How does Georgia find out that Ginny is self-harming? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.