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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

January 5, 2023

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We recap the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 4, “Happy Birthday,” which will contain major spoilers.

There’s a lot going on in episode 4 of season 2 of Ginny and Georgia. It feels like they’re trying to squeeze in as many plot points as possible, and you can feel that in this chapter. Either way, there’s plenty of meat in the story to chew on because Georgia (Brianne Howey) and Paul (Scott Porter) tries to make a “house a home”, which includes the burden of parental responsibilities.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Season 2 Episode 4 opens with Ginny talking about her mother not being a “normal mom”. And then Georgia says that the rules weren’t made for them, so why follow them? As this narrative unfolds, Georgia sees Mark sneak into their house.

Knowing that she is on her period, Ginny decides to give Marcus a blowjob. It’s his first time, and Marcus doesn’t think it feels good. Georgia then opens the door and Marcus hides. She asks Ginny to go to CVS to get her birth control. When Ginny leaves, Georgia calls Marcus out of the closet where he was hiding.

Marcus leaves the closet and Georgia questions him. Marcus claims he loves Ginny. Georgia tells Marcus that Ginny is special and that one day she will leave them all. Georgia asks Marcus not to hold her “when the time comes”. Marcus promises her. Georgia then picks up the comedy and tells him that if he gets her pregnant, she will kill her.

At this point, Ginny walks in and sees that her mother has set them both up. After Marcus leaves, Georgia tells Ginny that Marcus is in love with her. Ginny wants sex advice, especially about blowjobs. With things seeming normal, Georgia checks that Ginny is okay with her. Ginny confirms that she is okay with their relationship.

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But all is not smooth sailing in the Miller household; Paul begins to question Georgia’s parenthood and wants a different approach between them. Paul clearly wants to be more involved in decision-making now that he’s “the man of the house.”

At school, Maxine is excited because it’s her birthday. Abbie put up a birthday placard for her, but Maxine tears it up. And then, Sophia wishes Maxine a happy birthday. Maxine invites Sophie to her birthday party.

Jo walks into work with a bruised eye, and Ginny and Padma ask him about it, but he deflects. And then, Georgia asks him, and again, Joe deviates. Georgia then asks Joe to help her throw a party she is throwing for the Neighborhood Club.

Pressing on his parenting ability, Paul asks Georgia why she wouldn’t take the teacher’s recommendations regarding Austin. Georgia does not want labels on her child and gets irritated explaining that they are not her children. Paul and Georgia begin to argue over responsibilities. Afterwards, Georgia asks her daughter Ginny if she will be her bridesmaid at her wedding. Of course, Ginny accepts.

It’s therapy time for Ginny, and the conversation turns to her mother. Ginny asks the therapist if “who you are is predetermined”. The therapist tells Ginny that she needs to be honest about how she feels or she won’t get better.

To ease tensions with the family, Georgia throws a Living Room Dance Party. Ginny is resistant at first, but she joins Georgia, Austin, and Paul. Ginny says she’s leaving, and Paul asks for a curfew. Ginny says she’ll be back at a “reasonable time”. Georgia warns Ellen that Ginny is heading her way. Ellen walks into Marcus’ room as Marcus was dating Ginny and sits between them. Parents working together!

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Maxine’s 16th birthday party is in danger of being canceled due to a flooded basement. Maxine loses her temper and eventually has a heated conversation with Ginny. Ginny tells Maxine that she wants an apology because she hurt her feelings. Ginny hints that she likes Marcus, which softens Maxine’s tone. Maxine finally apologizes and Georgia offers her house as the location for her party.

Paul and Georgia decide to have a meal at Joe’s restaurant to celebrate Paul’s move in. Paul senses that Joe has a crush on Georgia, which she quickly dismisses. And then, Georgia feels that Ginny cheated on her (she was supposed to be at Zion’s with Austin).

End of episode 4 of season 2 of Ginny and Georgia

At the party, Hunter and Ginny apologize to each other for the way they behaved. Hunter confesses that he loved Ginny. He feels it was his first love. Ginny tells Hunter that she loves him too, but implies as a friend. Hunter tells Ginny she needs to make sure Marcus is good with her.

Marcus tells Ginny she wants to be a couple. It’s a good time between them before Ginny practices her b*****g skills. But then the parents show up and interrupt the party.

Paul tells Ginny that they expect more from her. Paul tries to play the role of stepfather. Georgia is proud that her daughter threw a rager and thinks it’s a sign she didn’t mess up too much.

Meanwhile, Ginny lies in bed, wondering why her mother murdered for her. She has trouble sleeping thinking about it. She feels that there is blood on her hands. Feeling on the razor’s edge, she calls her therapist before self-harming. She admits that she is not well.

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Season 2 relies on emotional endings so far, but that doesn’t quite make up for an awkward chapter for Episode 4.

Ginny and Georgia Additional Plot Points

  • In a flashback, a young Georgia desperately tries to keep the electricity on. She claims her daughter Ginny is sick to force the energy company to keep her going.
  • Ginny leaves Hunter a note thanking him for helping him catch up on school.
  • Bracia and her crush rehearse for the school play.
  • Norah, part of Maxine’s friendship group, finally talks to Ginny and Abby. They all missed each other. Maxine sees from afar and walks away. All three girls agree that Maxine is dramatic.
  • Cynthia presses Joe about his black eye. He tells her it was from a hockey game. The pair connect emotionally as Cynthia struggles with her dying husband.

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