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Gangs of London season 2, episode 7 recap – special delivery

October 20, 2022

This recap of Gangs of London season 2, episode 7 contains spoilers.

There’s been a lot of backstabbing and intrigue in the last two episodes, so it’s refreshing that this one opens with some forward momentum. Luan, at Marian’s request, steals Arif’s shipment of heroin, which leaves Sean and Koba pointing fingers at each other. Running out of options, they have no choice but to travel to Paris, where Arif recently successfully delivered a shipment, to free the city’s main drug dealer from their supply. They take Saba with them, for local orientation purposes, but are otherwise quite understaffed.

Gangs of London season 2, episode 7 recap

And that’s the point. Overseas, Sean and Koba are vulnerable. So when Shannon tells Elliot what’s going on, he flies off himself hoping to use his contacts there to tense them both up. Between the Wallace matriarch, the Dumanis, Luan and Albanians, and Elliot, Sean and Koba’s new empire is quickly surrounded by those who want to overthrow it – and they have very few allies to help protect it.

They do, however, have an ally in Billy, who immediately realizes that it was Marian who organized the theft of the cargo and follows her to where they are keeping it. Just when he is about to call Sean, Luan picks him up and forces him into the van full of heroin at gunpoint and at Marian’s behest.

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The Paris drug lord is a woman, Bibi Agostini, and she doesn’t seem one to be easily fooled. But she could be down for any international deal Sean offers in exchange for half his heroin. Saba translates for Bibi, but it looks like she probably understands and speaks perfect English. She offers to meet them that night, in the VIP section of a nightclub, which buys Elliot time to snatch Saba off the street and force her to smuggle a gun inside for him. so he can eliminate Sean and Koba.

Most people agree that the fifth episode of the first season was the best; this, I’d say, is the equivalent of the second season in that it spends a lot of time building tension for a moment to come and then letting that moment linger through a good chunk of it. ‘episode. So we see Sean, Koba and Saba entering the club first; we see Saba almost getting caught going through security, then hiding the gun, then telling Elliot where it is. We see Elliot begin to infiltrate the building as the others are led to a separate VIP room from the one Saba told Elliot about, and since his warning message is not delivered, we know Elliot will hitting the wrong piece. From there, everything descends into absolute chaos, which is good news for us, as it easily equates to the best action sequence of the season so far.

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Elliot pushing his way through club security wouldn’t be out of place in John Wick, both in the way it is lit and staged and in the way it is choreographed. But the fact that he’s in the wrong place means he can’t get near Sean and Koba and therefore informed them about Saba. The deal also fails – Bibi was willing to give up half her heroin to gain access to English ports so she could smuggle people there, but she’s unwilling to negotiate once Sean and Koba cause her so much of problems. Nobody wins in any of this – especially Saba, who really doesn’t know who’s behind Elliot’s plan, even though the other two think she does.

Elliot calls Shannon to warn her that Sean will know it was him who was there and will trace it back to her, but Shannon has another idea that goes back to the opening of the episode. Earlier, we saw Elliot talking ominously on camera. We return to this moment towards the end of the episode and it is revealed that he is talking to Billy, who is tied up in the container with the heroin. As we see Sean and Marian discuss the events in Paris, the latter receives a delivery – Billy’s arm. Elliot sends pieces of him to his family to get Sean out.

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