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Gangs of London season 2, episode 4 recap – London is burning

October 22, 2022

This recap of Gangs of London season 2, episode 4 contains spoilers.

Luan’s wife, Mirlinda, is buried alive, which is hardly a joyful opening for an episode, but again little about London Gangs is cheerful at the best of times. Mirlinda’s dwindling air supply provides a nice clock device for the first half of the episode. Koba wants Luan to tell his men that they are all working for him now, not Marian Wallace, and if he does, he will give Luan Mirlinda’s location. But it will be hours, so Luan takes the initiative and forces Ed at gunpoint to take him there.

Gangs of London season 2, episode 4 recap

Ed neglects to mention, as if in his own way, that Luan’s phone was tracked all the way, so Tamaz and his henchmen arrive to interrupt the party. Luan fights back and Ed even intervenes, but the latter is quickly overpowered and the former, despite a valiant effort, finally appears dead by a shovel to the back of the head, Mirlinda with him. It’s a brutal fight, this one, enhanced by rain and mud, but it still lacks the kinetics of season one’s best brawls.

Speaking of ticking, Elliot gives Singer an ultimatum – either end a date for Elliot and his dad, or Elliot will tell Koba who’s really pulling the strings. Elliot still has the microchip for leverage, of course, but he’s playing a dangerous game. So, too, we find out, is Shannon. When Marian uses Floriana’s fingerprint to log into her bank accounts, she discovers that two-thirds of Finn’s fortune has been liquidated. So she goes to Shannon. We learn that it was Marian who broke Shannon out of jail, so Shannon agrees to visit Rutherford and find out what’s going on with the money. By the time Elliot arrives – Rutherford is next in his landmarks – he finds him already dead, killed by Shannon’s silenced pistol.

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Elliot and Shannon have a moment, if not a series of moments, both at gunpoint and in slightly more relaxed circumstances in the car. There’s still an obvious bond between them, but so much water has flowed under the bridge now that it’s impossible for them to trust each other. Shannon also causes trouble for Elliot as she leaves a witness at the scene who later files a police report detailing two assailants. The Investors make him disappear, but they know Elliot is hiding things from them. Luckily, at least according to Singer, he’ll be gone soon, so he agrees to hand over the evidence.

Meanwhile, Billy leaves Roze in a church, apparently to protect her from Marian, and the people of Lale prepare to attack the entire Koba network in a meeting that evening which will see all the main figures of bow together. As it happens, the raid is quite fortuitously timed, as Koba has both Ed and Luan there, the latter still alive, to make an example. In the chaos, Luan is dragged outside by Marwen, and even in his near-dead state, he still insists on taking Ed with them. Ed chooses to go his own way, but the gesture is noted.

Koba, of course, manages to escape, but Sean sends him a message through the people of Basem, Faz and Saba, that he’s coming for all he has. Elliot watches the explosions erupt from his car, drinking from a flask, as the ruckus grabs the headlines and a stunning aerial photo shows London burning.

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At the very end of the episode, Luan returns to Mirlinda’s burial place and frees her. She’s alive.

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