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From Scratch – who are the actors and characters?

October 23, 2022

Who are the actors and characters of From Scratch? In anticipation of the romantic drama series, we’re breaking down the cast and characters. This article contains spoilers.

One of the strengths of the netflix series from zero is the deep bench of talented actors. Let’s look at the characters and the solid work of the cast. Enjoy!

From Scratch – who are the actors and characters?

Zoe Saldaña as Amy

The “Sci-Fi” Queen, Zoe Saldanaplays Amy, a law student who took a break to study art for six weeks in beautiful Florence city. There, she meets the charming chef Lino. The role of Amy is a slight departure for the Avatar and star trek star, who unsurprisingly hasn’t starred in any dramas or romantic comedies. Her role here spanned various emotions and situations across the eight episodes. After returning from Florence, Amy skips law school and takes a job at an art gallery. She marries Lino, who shortly after diagnosed with cancer. After stressful treatment, Lino is cured of the disease and adopts a beautiful baby girl named Idalia. When Lino’s cancer resurfaces seven years later, he wants to return his ashes to his family home in Sicily.

Eugenio Mastrandrea as Lino

The relative newcomer Eugenie Masteandrea (The fuggitivia) plays Lino, a chef in Florence who is a regular at the bar where Amy works to prepare for an art school. They cross paths when Amy leaves her workplace. They start off as friends, as Lino offers to drive her home in the evening. (He charmingly tells Amy that it would be her “honor” to accompany her home). He also “buys” her a bicycle with a mean basket. Why? So she won’t have to walk and cook an eight-course dinner at the restaurant.

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Their scorching gazes from across the aisle could cook the food. After staying up all night in the rain outside his building, they fall in love. Amy proposes to Lino in the United States, and they adopt a child after beating cancer. Unfortunately, the disease returns seven years later. Lino dies at the end of the series.

Danielle Deadwyler as Zora

Danielle Deadwyler a whole year. She Was Electric as Cuffee in Netflix’s streaming hit, The more they fall. Deadwyler stars in one of the most emotionally devastating films in quite some time, Until, currently in theaters. And now she has the lead role of Zora, Amy de Saldaña’s outspoken and protective big sister. Zora has been her little sister’s protector since they were children, and their mother is gone. Zora is selfless, allowing both to live in her apartment and to understand as they leave her marriage to adopt a child. In Lino’s final scenes, he asks Zora to watch over his family and treat Idalia like her own child.

Keith David as Hershel

Actor Keith David (Nope, Watchmakers) plays Hershel, Amy’s college student but Texas resident with a gallon cowboy hat and bog belt buckle. The veteran actor, with over 300 film and TV credits, is responsible for much of the comedic relief in from zero. At first, he’s your typical bully stepdad type who despises Lino’s profession and thinks his daughter is wasting her future on an artistic career. As the show progresses, Hershel gains more respect and love for Lino and becomes a surrogate father to the young man.

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Kelita Smith as Lynn

The Bernie Mac Showit is Kelita Smith plays Lynn, Amy and Zora’s biological mother. She is divorced from their father, Hershel, and left her children when they were children to find herself. Lynn is a free spirit who has her line of holistic beauty treatments and health products. She moves to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter and tends to take over every room she walks into, much to her daughters’ annoyance. As the series progresses, Lynn shows more humility in accepting that she is not there for her children but tries to make up for lost time.

Judith Scott as Maxine

The veteran character actor Judith Scott (Dexter, all american) plays Amy and Zora’s stepmother. Hershell married Maxine and became a surrogate mother to her children, something that may have been lost on Amy. How? Maxine never got the respect she deserved for being the mother figure in their lives, and Amy doesn’t think to ask her to walk her down the aisle with Hershel. Her father only brings it up when his ex-wife, Lynn, insists that Amy allow him to walk down the aisle with her. Lynn and Maxine have jealousy and animosity for most of the series, but Lynn slowly begins to show her the respect she deserves.

Lucia Sardo as Filomena

Lucie Sardo plays Lino’s mother, Filomena, a repressed wife who was not allowed to attend her son’s wedding because, as her husband Giacomo says, he brought shame on their family. The accomplished Italian actor, writer and director offers Amy the family estate and home in Sicily after Lino’s death, as it should go to the eldest son’s family. But really, she’s trying to give Amy and her granddaughter a reason to come back and visit her as often as possible.

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Paride Benassai as Giacomo

Paride Benassai (Baaria) plays Lino’s estranged father, Giacomo. The Sicilian tomato farmer refused to go to his son’s wedding and even forbade his wife and daughter from going. What is his problem with Lino? He left the family business to pursue a career in the culinary arts. But also, marrying an American didn’t suit him either. Eventually, they are fixing the fences when Giacomo and Filomena visit him while they are receiving treatment for cancer.

And that’s all! The main actors and characters of the From Scratch series. What are your thoughts? Comments below.

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