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From Scratch season 1 – what are the differences between the memoirs and the series?

October 22, 2022

In this article, we discuss the differences between the memoirs and the series in Netflix’s From Scratch. It will contain spoilers.

memory based From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Homecomingthe story follows Amahle “Amy” Wheeler (Zoe Saldana), an American law student who just wanted to do something fun. Amy is taking time off from law school to study art at Florence. Her experience would make Elizabeth Barrett Browning blush as the young woman finally opens up to life’s experiences. High place of European art, culture and politics, it wants to be interested in the art, architecture and monuments of the Renaissance. However, how about a lover?

Identify a handsome young chef with fun shoes and a fondness for wild goats. His name is Lino (Eugenio Masteadrea), the very definition of tall, dark and handsome Italian. A chef at a local restaurant, he immediately takes an interest in Amy. Lino is an artist himself, but his palette is made up of pieces of fine white porcelain. He prepares a sensational meal for her. Regardless, the warmth between Lino and Amy is apparent. These two can’t ignore each other’s lustful stares between each sensual lesson all the time.

from zero is the elevated romantic escape that is hard to create and easily rejected. This Netflix adaptation of Tembi LockeMemoirs is a series that makes you appreciate what you have and yearn for what you don’t. However, this being based on a memoir, how faithful is the transfer from page to streaming screen?

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So that begs the question:

From Scratch – what are the differences between memoirs and the Netflix series?

You will also notice that most of the character names have now been changed. Since these are memoirs, you’ll notice that Tembi Locke changed his own character’s name. Tembi is now Amy in the series, while Lino is known as Saro in the book. The little child they adopted is named Zoela in the book. In the series, she is known as Idalia.

If you read Tembi Locke’s memoir, you immediately realize the possibilities of additional seasons after watching the series. On the one hand, Locke returns to the central narrative. It’s the romance between Amy/Tembi and Lino/Saro. This comes between Amy’s four visits to Lino’s home in Sicily with her daughter, Zoela. In the book’s prologue, Amy and Lino deal with a cancer diagnosis. Where the series ends is where Mrs. Locke’s book begins. Amy spreads Lino’s ashes over her family’s Sicilian olive groves, ending the first season. However, this happens during the first visit to Sicily, where Lino’s ashes are scattered.

The book consists of three summers. One of them includes Tembi visiting Sicily with his daughter four months after Saro’s death in Schiavelli Cake – Bitter Almonds. This is true in the book, since Tembi’s stepfather predeceased Saro. Now the two widows decide to spend time together and get to know each other. In the book, Saro’s mother’s name is Nonna. But in the series, she is known as Filomena. In the book, Tembi and Saro visit Sicily when his sister has a child. In the series, Amy and Lino choose to skip their honeymoon destination to visit Aliminusa in hopes of seeing Lino’s mother and sister. Of course, they don’t tell the father.

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The big family reunion and dinner at netflix series that happened in the last episode is one of the best scenes of the series. They cook a meal straight from Lino’s recipe to honor him and eat the meal in their countryside olive groves. However, in the book, Tembi gathers beans from Saro’s garden and calls Nonna to ask her how to cook them for dinner. A meal she and her family eat to honor Saro’s memory.

The scene where Filomena shows Amy the clothes she wishes to be buried in (where she tells Amy so her two daughters know) is one that is remembered. Of course, in the book, it happens in the second titled summer, The Priest – Terra Vostra. We haven’t even gotten to the “the priest” part, which makes me think that’s going to be a major plot point if the show is picked up for a second season, whether that’s a big point of the plot in the book or not.

The book ends with Tembi’s last visit to Sicily, but she was single for three years and did not move. While the series focuses on the general aspects of life and what makes us human, the memoirs focus on Tembi’s journey through grief. Everyone cries differently and Tembi’s love for Saro is pure. The general rule is that the bigger the love, the longer it takes to move on.

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The final scenes of Amy gently and gently blowing Lino’s last ashes across the olive groves represent closure and eternal peace. How? Well, in the scene, the light shines all around Amy, and she almost gives herself a mental hug as she closes her eyes and takes it all in. In the book, Tembi refers to how – I’m paraphrasing because I can’t match Mrs. Locke’s beautiful prose – just because you can’t see the moon during the day doesn’t mean it doesn’t is not in heaven.

This feeling fits perfectly with the final scenes of the series.

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