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For All Mankind season 3, episode 6 recap – “New Eden”

July 16, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind season 3, episode 6, “New Eden,” contains spoilers.

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The race to Mars is now over, with NASA and the Soviets beating Helios to that all-important top spot. This historic landing is now old news and each separate mission must begin its next daunting task, adjusting to life on the hostile planet. In episode six, the two teams chase water on Mars, while a major announcement is expected to shake up the political landscape.

For all mankind summary of season 3, episode 6

Danielle recounts that the Sojourner-1 is permanently immobilized after its crash landing on Mars. She explains how they will hitchhike with Helios on their return trip. The crew heads to their base and tries to acclimatize to their new home. The stereotypical and vulgar Russians continue their hostility towards the American crew, struggling in cramped and hot conditions. Danielle rations their water supply to half a gallon a day, while the Russian leader argues with her over giving orders to his team. This aggressive rivalry doesn’t seem set to subside anytime soon.

On Helios and Danny is just as angry. The seething astronaut blames Ed for their failure to make the history books, but in a private message to Karen, Ed actually blames Danny. He tells his ex-wife how he postponed the landing because he was afraid he would lose Danny if they crashed. Danny is of course watching all these video messages in secret, like a scheming villain. He then deliberately injures his hand via a drilling accident and decides to get away with Ed. Danny is told he will have to return to the Phoenix at the next available opportunity and is given pain medication.

Back on Earth, Margo begins her plans to provide Sergei and his family with safe haven in the United States. Karen negotiates a deal with Dev and returns to Team Helios in a higher role. The Russians then attempt their own deal, stating that they have discovered an untapped reservoir of water on Mars and wish to use Helios’ equipment to begin mining. Karen demands fifty percent of their finds in exchange for the equipment. The Russians wearily agree, after initially laughing in his face. NASA is kept away from this one, as are the Americans on Sojourner-1.

Tensions only escalate in Happy Valley for our cramped buddies when astronaut Will Tyler announces to the world that he is gay. Even their level-headed leader, Danielle, is annoyed. Will chose this time to come out, as the news travels around the world, overshadowing the landing. The Russians are unsympathetic, with one of them even afraid of getting HIV from Will. On Earth, the news deeply affects both NASA and President Ellen Wilson’s regime. The law states that anyone serving in the military who is a known homosexual should be dishonorably discharged. Wilson decides to change the rules slightly, but cannot save Will from his fate. He will be retired from the army upon his return. The show uses this subject to address past beliefs and to further vilify certain characters, but it borders on complacency.

The end

Danny keeps popping pills like candy on Helios and Ed apologizes for treating him like a kid. They decide to change the rules for Danny so he can stay on the ship, but it’s unclear if this goes against Danny’s plans. The heroic leader, Ed, then heads to Sojourner-1 with an assortment of supplies. The crew decides to throw a party, with the Russians bringing out the vodka and Kelly spinning some 90s pop. a fight breaks out, fueled by homophobia, destroying the peace. Danielle informs everyone at the party of the circumstances, angry at the Russians and Ed for the secrecy.

In the final scenes, Ed sends a message to Karen about his concerns about Danny’s mental state. Danny then breaks his screen in anger. President Wilson passes a new ordinance on homosexuality in the military and in the final moments, a man brags about having had an affair with Larry Wilson. How long before this scandal bursts then?

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