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Farzar Season 1 Review – The steamy space comedy is wonderfully bizarre

July 16, 2022

This review of the Netflix animated series Farzar season 1 does not contain any spoilers.

Netflix has released its latest adult animal series, Farzar, an outrageous, hilarious and bizarre sci-fi animated comedy series. With ten half-hour episodes, this series is a fun and easy binge watch. From the creators of brickleberry and Paradise PD, Roger Black and Waco O’Guin once again show that no joke is too far for them, and that they are ready and willing to push the envelope in the name of comedy. I can only imagine how much fun this team of writers had creating this show.

Adult content animation has seen a huge increase in recent years and is clearly not going anywhere as we see more and more series hitting our screens. Comedic jokes that address current social issues really resonate with older audiences, but can also be educational and informative for younger audiences, making shows like this watched by all audiences. While there are plenty of jokes and vulgarities to poke fun at, will it become too similar and stale? Maybe, but this series looks like fresh-but-dirty air, and sci-fi, ’80s parodies give it an edge that this type of ridiculous content needs. Writer’s Reference programs such as Scooby Doo-Where Are You?, Star Wars and Flash Gordon, so keep an eye out for those.

We follow the story of selfish human warrior Renzo, who saved his planet from invaders and married his incredibly older wife to hold the throne and protect his planet. His ultimate plan is to defeat the evil Bazarack. While he is hot, sexy, strong, his son Prince Fichael is more old-fashioned and stupid. Prince Fichael, needing to prove to his father that he is worthy of being a true general at the age of thirty, gathers a crew, his “SHAT” crew, and comes out of the walls to bring back the head of Bazaracks. Of course, it doesn’t go as planned. We spend the series following their crazy antics and scheming as they try to fight and defeat each other.

Now, this series has a lot more underneath than sex jokes and cartoon jerking off on screen (a lot). In fact, it addresses many social issues, such as class struggle, capitalism, and colonialism. They represent more than face-to-face jokes onscreen, giving this series a depth that more recent ones have lacked.

With a wide array of impressive and recognizable voice actors including Lande Reddick (Thread), David Kaye (The Eternals), Jerry Minor (brickleberry) DeLisle Gray (The simpsons) and many more, this series is brought to life through their fantastic voiceover work. While some of these characters are very similar to those we’ve seen before in other animated series, that doesn’t stop the comedy or the chemistry. When it’s written well, it works. However, I don’t think this series will have the longevity of other adult animations like Futurama or Rick and Morty, but it can definitely last three or four seasons like Brickelberry, and I’m excited for the next season. Hey, I could be wrong, it can go on for years and years.

Overall, this series is a laugh. It’s a combination of weird, goofy, rude, crass and everything in between. With jokes to die for, I highly recommend this series if you’re a fan of animations, especially Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Futurama, Rick and Morty, and Big Mouth.

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