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Fans wonder what happened to Enzo in Stranger Things 4

July 5, 2022

Some things in life seem downright impossible.

Ever since the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi horror series hit Netflix in 2016, there’s been one undeniable addition to the long list… Narrowing the Stranger Things characters down to just one favorite.

We’ve now had four seasons of the true streaming phenomenon and the latest brought audiences some of the most popular characters to date, whether it’s the unforgettable Eddie Munson or Dmitri Antonov, better known as Enzo.

Portrayed by Tom Wlaschiha, Dmitri is a Russian prison guard who begins to develop a friendship with Jim Hopper while incarcerated.

Unfortunately, Season 4 Part 2 doesn’t answer all of the questions audiences have, leaving some wondering what happened to Enzo in Stranger Things Season 4.


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Fans ask what happened to Enzo in Stranger Things 4

Jumping to Twitter, many viewers were clearly unhappy with the ambiguous ending to many characters’ journeys throughout the season.

Enzo’s fate has become a topic of discussion lately.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Filling in the gaps with theories

Assessing the finale, Hopper and Joyce are finally reunited with everyone else in the cabin and it is revealed that they have been taken home by Agent Stinson.

Dmitri is essentially responsible for the reunion since it was he and Yuri who rescued the couple by helicopter before contacting the agent who came to their rescue. Yet neither Murray, Yuri, nor Dmitri are there during the quiet, emotional moment.

What happened to the three of them is never explicitly mentioned, leaving the audience to use their imaginations.

It’s possible he walked away from the group to reunite with his son, who has been hinted at throughout the season. However, it’s important to consider that this isn’t the last season, and the character’s popularity will likely encourage the writers to bring her into the upcoming season.

Taking this approach, we predict that he was not in the sequence at the cabin although he remained close to the group at Hawkins. After all, Screenrant reports that Murray said Dmitri would join them in Indiana, helping to counter any new threats Hawkins threatens.

If the finale reveals anything, it’s that the city faces its biggest threat yet in Season 5. Speaking of which…


Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix

BridTV10556Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | Netflix

Is Stranger Things renewed for season 5?

Yes, the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that Stranger Things will return for a fifth and final season.

So it makes more sense that the fates of some characters – including Dmitri – haven’t been resolved, as there’s more story to tell before the final conclusion reaches audiences.

A release date has yet to be announced.

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