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Explanation of the end of the Majnu mission – do they manage to leave the country?

January 20, 2023

The post Mission Majnu Ending Explained – do they manage to leave the country? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing the Netflix Mission Majnu movie ending which will contain spoilers.

For the majority, Majnu mission is engaging, but it loses its vigor towards the middle. The early setup of opposing countries and what they fought for was compelling.

Then, when we meet the love interests, it becomes wholesome and sweet. The family dynamic is the most interesting aspect at first because her father doesn’t want her to marry the tailor. She doesn’t care about her job so she marries him despite what her father said.

Once pregnant, he has flashbacks to his own father and wonders if the same fate awaits him as he himself is an undercover agent. Unfortunately, the performances weren’t so strong to carry the movie or even make the second half of this movie as engaging as it should have been.

It’s a true story that felt a bit empty because the love shared between the two of them wasn’t believable. The writing was also somewhat generic and followed the movements of a historical story. It’s a story that needed to be told but could have been interpreted better.

Explanation of the end of the Majnu mission

Tariq and Nasreen attempt to leave the country amid the war between India and Pakistan. There have been killings and the next step is to use other weapons to fight. Nasreen is now heavily pregnant and Tariq is doing his best to get her and the baby out of the country safely. He also has a target on his back and he can’t shake it.

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He went out of his way to have passports made so they could sneak through customs without getting caught. Ultimately, once they get through the final door, Tariq feels like he can’t make it. So he told Nasreen what he hoped to name their child before he left her. Men and women have to travel separately and that’s exactly why he’s nervous.

Just as he leaves her, the cops at the gate somehow recognize her and chase after her. As they run towards her, Tariq says he is Indian, and the Pakistani cops leave his wife and go to attack him. So to save his wife and baby, he distracts the cops.

Simultaneously, Nasreen is seen getting on the plane and settling in, while Tariq runs around the airport trying to dodge the cops. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get past them and he gets shot several times when he thought he was hiding from them.

In the end, Nasreen waits patiently outside as a friend of Tariq meets her there. He reads her a letter from Tariq saying that he passed away and will always be with her. And he shares his true identity with her in the final moments.

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The post Mission Majnu Ending Explained – do they manage to leave the country? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.