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Elijah Wood and Amazon Studios Respond to Rings of Power Backlash

September 8, 2022

Elijah Wood, The Rings of Power team and Amazon Studios have now responded to the backlash surrounding ‘wake-up’, racism and inclusivity.

The Rings of Power is the most expensive television series ever produced with a budget of over $465 million, but the inclusion of different people from around the world remains invaluable.

It’s a sad aspect of content creation that racism, “wake-up” and inclusivity can still be such a contentious topic in 2022, but with online trolls rampant on social media, the backlash surrounding The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is certainly not unexpected.

Fortunately, stars of the franchise’s past and present are now banding together in a common response to the racist abuse and harassment of The Rings of Power cast, including Elijah Wood and the head of Amazon Studios.


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power | SDCC Trailer

BridTV10957The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power | SDCC trailer

Why is The Rings of Power getting unfair review?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has had several notable complaints against it, despite only being available to stream online for a single week on Amazon Prime Video.

Unfortunately, the main piece of the puzzle is the racist messages pressuring the production team for the inclusive cast of The Rings of Power. As noted by The Guardian, “The most urgent, and yet most depressingly inevitable, controversy has been the wave of keyboard warriors declaiming ‘revival’.”

This “wake-up call” is about the argument against the show surrounding the diversity of actors and actresses that feature on the show – who online trolls say have no place in the Second Age of Middle-earth, though. let it (obviously) be a fantasy series where everyone is welcome.

As an example, CNN recently shared an article from the conservative news site RedState, in which writer Brandon Morse claimed, “If you focus on introducing modern political sentiments, such as the obsession with left for identity issues that only touch the skin, then you’re no longer focusing on building a good story”. Later he elaborated, “You are effectively making propaganda, or art to fit a message, not a message to fit art.”

“It’s intentional, not accidental. Brands and franchises that our culture holds in high regard are being repurposed to create pre-made delivery systems for their message. It’s an attempt to normalize their politics by integrating them into things we love. In response, many people abandoned these properties and denounced them. – Red state.

These sentiments and opinions about The Rings of Powers’ “wake-up call” for casting fantastic actors of color have caused significant debate online, with the cast, studio, and franchise icons now weighing in.


Elijah Wood and Amazon Studios Respond to Backlash

Elijah Wood, star of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, recently shared an image on his social media of himself, Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Billy Boyd (Pippin) under the caption “You’re all the welcome here”.

The shirts the three modern fantasy film icons wear show different shapes and colors of ears from the Lord of the Rings universe and elvish text that translates to “You’re all welcome here.”

The Lord of the Rings on Prime’s Twitter page later issued a statement condemning the backlash and racist harassment the production team has been subjected to.

“We, the cast of Rings of Power, stand united in absolute solidarity and against the relentless racism, threats, harassment and abuse that our comrades of color face on a daily basis. We refuse to ignore or tolerate it. – LOTRonPrime.

The statement would then appropriately explain how “JRR Tolkien created a world that, by definition, is multicultural. A world in which free people of different races and cultures unite to defeat the forces of evil. Rings of Power reflects this.


He continues: “Our world has always been all white, fantasy has never been all white, fantasy has never been all white. BIPOC belongs to Middle-earth and they are here to stay.

“Finally, all of our love and brotherhood goes out to the fans who support us, especially fans of color who themselves are under attack simply for existing in this fandom. We see you, your bravery and your endless creativity. Your cosplays, fancams, fan art and ideas make this community a richer place and remind us of our purpose. You are valid, you are loved and you belong. You are an integral part of the LOTR family – thank you for supporting us. – LOTRonPrime.

A statement was also shared by The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Studios head Jen Salke’s Prime Twitter and Prime Video page:

“We’re really proud of the cast we have on the show. We welcome discussions and even reviews around the series; however, we will not tolerate any type of racism. – Jen Salke, via Prime Video Twitter.

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