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Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga Review – Reddit vs. Wall Street

September 25, 2022

The Netflix documentary series Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga will be released on September 28, 2022.

Wall Street is a world we all hear about, but what do we really know and understand about it? In this must-watch documentary series, we see a group of amateur traders hatch a plan to overthrow the stock market in order to get rich quick, causing chaos and costing Wall Street billions.

In January 2021, the world was still in the midst of the Covid pandemic, and social media groups such as Reddit and TikTok merged to get rich quick. Through three episodes of about forty minutes each, we discover GameStopwhich was a store in the mall that sold video games that everyone thought was the next Blockbuster.

As its stocks fell, Wall Street was ready, as Wall Street made money on other people’s misfortunes, and some people were just a little fed up. By promoting GameStop on social media, the shares rose higher and higher, with people buying and buying and causing a stock market crash. (I think there’s a lot to learn and take in here, but that’s what I take away)

Now our maverick Reddit users invested in GameStop stocks to inflate prices and fight Wall Street hedge funds. Using the power of the internet to bring down the kings of the financial world, these Redditors have caused massive money losses, and we love it. Viewers generally enjoy watching the super-rich fail and lose all the money they need and control. The gamification of trading (via an app) makes the world of Wall Street less powerful, less intimidating, and makes you think, huh, could I do that? Can I play with stocks?

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You’ll learn a little more about the stock market and how it works in this documentary, which may make you feel a little more financially savvy. There’s a narrator that simplifies the financial jargon, helping us understand better, although some still completely went over my head.

We have exclusive interviews with the real people directly involved in Reddit’s infamous r/wallstreetbets community which was opened by the founder Jaime Rogozinski. There are also interviews with stockbrokers, investors, content creators, influencers, and everyday people who joined GameStop party as it grew in popularity.

The difference in interview styles is so interesting; formal and corporate money makers, in the office with hundreds of screens, versus the casual, quirky Reddit/social media influencers who are at home, with their families, in their personal space, really set highlights the two areas we are dealing with here. Also how shocking politicians really know nothing about the internet and finger pointing blame for this financial crisis.

Throughout the three episodes, there is a good pace where you don’t get bored, and you can easily watch in one evening. I was completely hooked to see how it turned out. It completely eliminates Wall Street, politicians, anyone with power and control over society and the ordinary person. Showing how influential and powerful the internet can be, it’s so satisfying and fun to see how the people behind the screens can really shake up the world. I can’t wait to find out what and who they might take next.

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