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Don’t Make Me Go star Mia Isaac’s real age as young star’s career takes off

July 16, 2022

With two films coming out soon, she is truly a rising Hollywood star. But how old is Mia Isaac?

The young star stars in Amazon’s Don’t Make Me Go and Not Okay, high-stakes satire. Proving herself in these two movies alone, Mia is sure to be a screen star.

Don’t make me go

The Prime Video comedy-drama tells the story of a terminally ill father (John Cho) showing his daughter the ways of life under the guise of a road trip before his death. This is Mia’s first film and it will certainly be the one that strikes a chord.

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Not only was it her first film, but it took her halfway around the world to New Zealand. Seeking advice in any way possible, Isaac told W that she turned to her movie dad: “I was scared in a lot of ways, and he made me feel really at home. ‘easy.”

To become a star

It took Mia eight years to land her first movie, auditioning throughout her teenage years. She recalls finding rejection, or silence, particularly difficult: “After a while, I felt like I was doing all this really hard work and throwing it into this black hole where it would disappear. I struggled a lot with it because it felt like a pipe dream.

It seems that don’t make me go was really the ideal first film for her. She said: “I like the way [Wally and I are] both at the same point in our lives where we find out stuff with the boys and our relationships with our parents, finding out that our parents are human and not our heroes all the time.

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Amazon Special Screening in Los AngelesPhoto by Kevin Winter/THR/Getty Images

How old is Mia Isaac?

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The young starlet is only 18 and seems to have a promising career ahead of her. Two films in two weeks is a lot when you’ve never acted in a film before, especially when they have an opposite tone. If anything, close outings showcase his budding talents

In Not Okay, she plays Rowan, a survivor of a school shooting. Admitting that the scale of the film made her understandably nervous, it was another actor who again offered her advice.

She said: “But I will say I think I would have been really nervous about it if Zoey [Deutch – her co-star in Not Okay] was not there to show me the way. She is very talented as an actress, but she also knows what she is doing. She knew how to handle this in a way that made her and me less nervous, and being able to disconnect them was a skill I had yet to learn.

Moving quickly from one film to another, Mia’s career takes off at lightning speed. Next, she will star in Hulu’s Black Cave. Surely a huge star in the making, this is just the start for the 18-year-old.

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