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Doing the Cut season 3 review – does the competition show make the cut?

August 20, 2022

The Amazon reality series Making the Cut season 3 was released on the streaming service on August 19, 2022.

In the third season of make the cut, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn return with 10 new designers, all of whom come from all walks of the earth, and try to compete for the grand prize. With an international and diverse cast, extremely passionate contestants and captivating tasks, make the cut season 3 is very fun to watch.

In the first season of make the cut, there were 10 episodes, while there were only 8 episodes in the second season. And despite the success, make the cut decided to stick with 8 episodes rather than 10. But, to be honest, even though only two episodes have aired so far, it seems the design is working the best. Although fewer episodes means fewer contestants, it allows the audience to have a more personal impression with the contestants. As for the episodes themselves, the first two episodes release on August 19, with two episodes weekly until the final two episodes air on September 9.

As mentioned throughout, there’s a grand prize at stake. That prize, of course, is mentorship with Amazon Fashion, a chance to sell a collection, and a million dollars. Heidi feels in her gut that this will be the best season ever. Will she be right? It’s too early to tell, but it has all the signs to be as good as the previous two seasons.

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How competitors make/create the clothes may go over the heads of some viewers. But it’s still interesting nonetheless. Which makes make the cut stand out is that, rather than just being a competition show, it allows audiences to get an in-depth look into the lives of the ten contestants.

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