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Dog Gone – the true story behind Netflix’s latest movie will bring tears to tears

January 13, 2023

Nothing strikes a chord quite like a movie about a lost dog. Add to the mix the fact that the new Netflix movie Dog Gone is based on a true story and you have the recipe. for a bucket of tears.

The streaming site’s latest film hit the platform on Friday, January 13, 2023, and follows the unlikely story of a beloved pet.

John Marshall (Rob Lowe) and his son Fielding (Johnny Berchtold) team up to traverse the Appalachian Trail in search of their missing dog, Gonker. To make matters worse, the pair only have two weeks to find Gonker as he desperately needs his medicine.

With much-needed support and help from family and many strangers, the father-son duo embark on an incredible mission.

The true story of Dog Gone is equally moving. Directed by Stephen Herek, the majority of the film is inspired by Gonker’s real-life story and intense real-life adventure.

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Rob Lowe as John rolling on the ground with Gonker the dog in Dog GoneDog missing. cr. Bob Mahoney/Netflix © 2022.

The True Story of Dog Gone

Dog Gone is based on a book by Pauls Toutonghi. Pauls is the brother-in-law of Marshall, the book’s protagonist.

Dog Gone: A Lost Pet’s Extraordinary Journey And The Family Who Bring Him Home tells the charming story of Fielding Marshall and his dog Gonker, who went missing along the Appalachian Trail in October 1998. When the dog ran away for the first time, Marshall searched but couldn’t find his beloved dog anywhere.

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Of course, panic set in. Gonker suffered from Addison’s disease, which meant he had to have an injection every month to stay alive. Naturally, that made the quest to find him all the more vital, as the book (and movie) detail.

Since Gonker only had two weeks until his next injection, time was really against them.

The story spread through the local media and the quest caught the attention of many. The tragic story highlights the importance of kindness by recounting all the strangers who have helped Marshall and his father along the way.

The only real difference between the book and the movie

The good boy who plays Gonker in the movie is a yellow Labrador. However, in real life, Marshall’s dog was a golden retriever mix.

Labradors tend to be much heavier than Golden Retrievers and have larger chests. Other than that and a difference in coat length, there isn’t much of a difference in appearance between the breeds.

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Dog missing.  Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Ginny in Dog Gone.Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

The real star of Dog Gone

Rob Lowe shared an adorable photo with his fluffy co-star on Twitter. The actor even went so far as to say that Dog Gone could be the “feel good movie of the year”:

Viewers have already taken to Twitter to show their appreciation for Netflix’s latest film, paying attention to more than just Gonker’s cuteness.

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It seems that of all that happens in Dog Gone, some fans only have eyes for Rob Lowe. Or is it the amazing scenery?

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