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Does Trevor finally kill the bee in Man vs Bee on Netflix?

June 25, 2022

Few stars shine like Rowan Atkinson.

His slapstick styles made iconic characters from Mr Bean and Johnny English while performances like Blackadder went down in sitcom history.

The 67-year-old English actor and comedian is a favorite among many and fans were delighted to welcome his latest series to Netflix on Friday June 24, 2022.

Although the concept is simple, Rowan Atkinson has the power to elevate the premise, delivering a performance reminiscent of his funniest and most iconic efforts. However, you may find yourself impatient.

If so, does Trevor kill the bee in Man vs Bee?


man versus beePicture from Netflix.

Does Trevor kill the bee in Man vs Bee?

No, Trevor doesn’t kill the bee at the end of Man vs. Bee.

The house keeper is tasked with tending a beautiful mansion but is constantly plagued by the buzz of a bee that has entered the house.

He grabs him first and lets him go, but he doesn’t really stay considerate for long when he comes back to the mansion. He becomes his nemesis as he concocts increasingly wacky ways to rid the bee of his life.

The hardships mount, and the show’s focus — as the title suggests — shifts to his efforts to kill the bee. He even sets up a bomb, luring the bee into a trap using honey.

Yet the bold effort fails Trevor. The bee survives.


Man Vs Bee | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV10207Man against bee | Official trailer | Netflix

How does Man vs. Bee end?

Trevor loses it so badly that he decides the only way to ensure the bee’s demise is to burn down the mansion.

So it does exactly that. Here’s the kicker though…

You better believe it; the bee survives and Trevor is arrested for the crime of arson. However, he manages to free himself from prison after proving that Christian is responsible for an insurance fraud case.

Now free, he takes his daughter Maddy on vacation but finds that the bee has followed him.

As The Cinemaholic points out, the bee can be interpreted as a reminder that Trevor’s obsession and tendency to focus on unnecessary little things is his downfall.

Whether we’ll see him continue to wage war on the insect remains to be seen, as the show is yet to be renewed.

“Bees don’t make facial expressions”

Man vs Bee director David Kerr recently talked about bringing the bee to life while chatting with Variety:

“Bees don’t make facial expressions. So you can’t have a bee raising an eyebrow or puckering her lips [in] a smile or anything. So you rely on things like how well he rubs his antennae and cleans them or whether he leans on his hindquarters, or how fast or quietly he moves his wings.

He added: “It’s those really subtle physical details that you rely on to express your attitude or suggest an emotion.”

Man vs Bee is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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