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Does Netflix’s Resident Evil stay true to video game history?

July 15, 2022

This article, “Does Netflix’s Resident Evil Stay True to Video Game History” does not contain any spoilers regarding Season 1.

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As soon as Netflix announced that it was going to produce a series of Resident Evil, it was soon speculated whether the series would feature a storyline from one of the games or a completely new storyline. Although there are several movies based on the popular horror video game, there doesn’t seem to be any rumor that the TV show will be based on any of them. And even if the series decided to start from scratch or borrow one of the many storylines featured in the franchise, either would have its pros and cons with fans. But what does the Netflix show go with?

Does Netflix resident Evil stay true to video game history?

Fundamentally, resident Evil is a brand new version of the hit horror video game. Although set in its own universe, it still uses some of the game’s characters, such as Albert Wesker and Ada Wong. (Although, of course, we don’t see Ada Wong in Season 1, it looks like her appearance is set for a second season).

The producer/showrunner/screenwriter of resident Evil, Andrew Dabb, said that one of the things he expects most from the public is an expansion of the world into a modern environment. And by using some characters from the game and some characters that he and the other writers created, Andrew Dabb thinks he’s achieved that. And for video game fans, rest assured, there is no shortage of Easter Eggs.

While some fans may be disappointed that the series may stray slightly (or massively) from video games, hopefully there will be many who will be happy with the end result! The first trailer for resident Evil maybe didn’t get the best response, mostly because it doesn’t look like any of the video games.

We are interested in what the fans think? Do you think this series stays true to the game? What do you think after seeing the trailer? But above all, what do you think after watching the series? Comments below.

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