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Does Netflix randomize Kaleidoscope episodes?

January 9, 2023

Meeting a new show on Netflix and diving into it will be a universal experience familiar to millions of viewers. You log in, the episodes are numbered and everything is ready. On the other hand, Kaleidoscope teases a singular experience, marking the first of its kind.

Created by Eric Garcia, the eight-part American drama stars Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap, an expert thief who works to assemble a team for a heist that could net them $7 billion.

However, teasing the biggest heist of all time isn’t exactly what makes the project so innovative.

You may have heard that the series can be watched in any order, but does Netflix randomize Kaleidoscope episodes or does the viewer have to randomly select episodes to change the linear order?

Jai Courtney as Bob Goodwin smiling in a hoodie in the episodeKaleidoscope. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Does Netflix randomize Kaleidoscope episodes?

Yes, once you click on the series, Kaleidoscope episodes will already be randomized with the exception of Episode White, which Netflix designed to be the finale regardless of the order of the episodes before it.

Black always comes first too, even if it’s not an episode. It is simply meant as a brief introduction to explain the format of the series.

Kaleidoscope was designed to be viewed in any order, and Vulture reports that there are a total of 5,040 potential combinations.

With that in mind, you are invited to witness a story that unfolds in a non-chronological order, and viewers will have a different experience depending on the order Netflix presents them.

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Although episodes are automatically randomized by Netflix, Mashable reports that a group of viewers shared the order they were given on TikTok and Twitter, with select audiences saying they all had yellow and green. first and second – sometimes green before yellow – and then Blue, Orange and Purple in any order, with Red, Pink and White closing it.

Still, most will find that their experience of the timeline differs from that of friends or family who have also watched the series.


“So smart to have a random order”

While some audiences felt that the random viewing order worked, some didn’t think it worked as well, although they said it was still an interesting concept.

Check out a selection of reactions to Kaleidoscope on Twitter:

“It gives me power”

Giancarlo recently spoke to ScreenRant about the show’s unconventional approach to presenting.

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“When I first heard it was going to be done this way, I picked my brain and thought, ‘What does that mean? “, He explained.

“…All of a sudden I realized that if I was an audience watching a show in the non-linear format, I would feel like I was making up the story. And so for me, I think that’s genius. Because I’m making this film, it’s ownership of what structure is.

He continued, “I can choose orange, green, white, red, purple, and it gives me the power and the feeling that I’m partially telling the story I want to see. For me, it’s phenomenal.

Kaleidoscope is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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